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Thursday , July 18 2024
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Suspect attacks the guard dog

Man Brutally Beats Up Dog With Helmet In Malaysia

Recently, a CCTV footage of a man brutally beating a stray dog with helmet has surfaced on the social networks. The video has went viral in Selangor and has enraged netizens.

This video was posted on the Facebook page of canine welfare organisation Malaysia Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB), last week.

In the video, we could see a man with his pet dog on a bicycle, when a stray dog suddenly runs out and jumps at them, causing the man to lose his balance and fall off the bicycle with his dog.

In aggression, the cyclist hold the stray dog by its collar and repeatedly slapped and beat it with a helmet.

A female security guard is seen trying to stop him, but the cyclist pushes her away and continues his assault on the dog.

Watch the horrifying video here:

(Warning : Graphic video)

After the incident, the dog was taken to Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) for checkup. The doctors have assured everyone that (Furby) the injured dog is safe and in a stable condition.

Abuser has identified as a Singaporean

The abuser has been identified as a Singaporean man by the name of Terry Yee Kok Chew, who is the owner of TearProof, an outdoor sporting good company.

Malaysia Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) alleged that the cyclist urged people to make the video go viral.

No action yet against the abuser

According to reports from Malaysian media, police have not taken any action against the man because no police reports have been made by the dog’s owner or the security guard involved in the incident.

Serdang district police chief assistant commissioner Megat Mohd Aminuddin said, “Police have been waiting for the dog owner to step forward and lodge a report. There is none. We found out that it’s a stray dog.”

Source: Chennel NewsAsia

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