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Kolkata’s First Pet-Friendly Cafe |The Love Room

Kolkata gets its first pet-friendly cafe ‘The Love Room’!

Do you feel guilty to go out to have some fun while leaving your pet dog at home? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a place where you can take your pet dog and have a fun evening with all your friends as well?

Kolkata gets lucky!

Recently, a cute little pet-friendly cafe,  The Love Room has opened in the Tollywood (Tollygunge). The cafe lets people and their pets have a great time together over a cup of coffee.

Pet-friendly cafe – The Love Room

The love room - pet-friendly cafe

This pet-friendly cafe is the brainchild of two ardent pet-lovers, Ankush and Shruti.  The cafe houses 9 dogs. So if you don’t have a pet and yet want to enjoy some quality time with dogs. You can visit this cafe and have an amazing time with these cute dogs.

The love room_2

They also have a special menu for your pets…



The love room_3

Things have not been easy for Shruti and Ankush, but finally things are getting better.

“Kolkata has no place or park where one can enjoy with their pets, our city is known as a pet-friendly city but has nothing or very little to offer to the pet lovers. We also wanted to cater to the people who love pets but aren’t allowed to keep one at home. Going to a pet cafe is a stress buster and is very therapeutic.”

The love room have some rules though!

  • Keep your dog on leash at all times.
  • Carry the vaccination card.
  • Ensure your dog is free from ticks and skin disease.

The Love Room is located at 36 Tollygunge Circular Road, above Bank of Baroda, Kolkata 700053.

Timings: Tue-Sun, 1:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Source: DNAIndia

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