ITBP Dogs Win Hearts At A Dog Show In Panchkula
Sunday , January 23 2022
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ITBP Dogs Win Hearts At A Dog Show In Panchkula
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ITBP Dogs Win Hearts At A Dog Show In Panchkula

On Sunday, the Pet Animal Health Society of Panchkula, in partnership with the Royal Kennel Club of Panchkula, held a dog show near the Pet Animal Medical Centre in Sector 3.

Vijai Vardhan, the Haryana chief secretary-cum-chairperson of the Pet Animal Health Society, was the chief guest. Guests of honors included Ankur Gupta, assistant chief secretary, Animal Husbandry and Dairying Department, Dr. Birender Laura, director-general, Animal Husbandry, and Dairying Department, and deputy commissioner Vinay Pratap Singh.

At the dog show, a canine squad from the Indo Tibetan Border Police, composed of seven Belgian Shephard dogs, performed admirably in a variety of training exercises, such as saluting the guests, sniffing explosive devices, man-hunting, search – and – rescue operations during disaster events, and trying to cross barriers with courage and conviction. As a result, Indo Tibetan Border Police’s dog team won 15 gold, 21 silver, and five bronzes at the All-India Police Championship Games, making them the four-time overall champions.

Dr. Anil Banwala, deputy director, Animal Husbandry and Dairy, Panchkula-cum-convener, Pet Animal Health Society, said that over 100 pets competed in the event, which was divided into ten breed categories. Following the breed contest, a best of show competition was held.

Billo, a Great Dane belonging to Shiva Joshi, was named Best of Show, while Tom, a Golden Retriever belonging to Lalit Mohan Arya, and Coco, a Schitzu breed dog belonging to Charvi Jain, were named second and third best of show. A total of 23 prizes were given out, with 37 people receiving consolation prizes.

The Pet Animal Medical Centre offered a variety of treatments, including free anti-rabies vaccinations, general health checks, and deworming, among others. A public awareness campaign about animal abuse prevention was also launched. In addition, various stakeholders and private companies set up stalls and presented their specialties, products, and services as part of the event.

Source: Times Of India

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