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Biryani With Dog Meat

Indian Restaurants Serving Biryani With Dog Meat

Recently, a members of central government’s Animal Welfare Board have raised an issue with the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) expressing concerns that some restaurants are using dog meat to prepare biryani.

Mehar Matharani, Animal welfare officer at Animal Welfare Board of India, has instructed the officials to remain alert in this regard.

On union minister of women and child development, Maneka Gandhi’s suggestion, Mehar visited the officials and informed them about the issue. She also met the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) Commissioner D. M. Mungalikar and other senior officials regarding the issue.

She said that the search led to the discovery of many dog carcasses found unattended. Many dog heads were found in the city. Even their body parts were missing. She expressed this is a dangerous issue.

Some restaurants are serving biryani at cheap rates and most probably they might be using dog meat to prepare it.


As per the situation, Mehar Matharani has advised authorities to keep a check on the population of stray dogs in the city and look after the animal birth control program in a full-fledged manner.

Animal birth control (ABC) programme has not been implemented on dogs for the last two years in Aurangabad. She instructed the AMC officials to start the scheme immediately.

Reference: Indiatimes

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