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How to Raise a Kitten and Puppy Together

How to Raise a Kitten and Puppy Together?

No one can deny that a pup and kitten together are exponentially adorable. Just like human infants, puppies and kittens are also babies that necessitate time, energy, and grooming. So is it possible to raise a kitten and a puppy together? 

Yes! If you have the proper setup and invest the correct energy and time, your puppy and kitten can grow up used to each other. Puppies and kittens that are “older,” say, six months or even a year old, are easier to care for than infant kittens and pups while still being young enough to mature together. 

Furthermore, many grownup felines can learn to get along and adore one another. This article is all about raising a kitten and puppy together and keeping the necessary rules in mind while doing so. 

The First Interaction

cats and dogs are predatory animals

Although cats and dogs are predatory animals, some species of the latter regard the former as prey. The best possible way is to slowly introduce the felines to each other while maintaining a barrier. 

When together, keep an eye on things! You must assume the role of “mom” dog/cat and interfere if the game becomes too violent. Keep an ear out for whimpers or wails. 

A baby gate can be used as a barrier for small ruminants. Do not be alarmed if your kitten screeches or spits. This is a natural response to its first encounter with a puppy. 

If the puppy is older than the kittens, you should keep the puppy on a collar so the kittens can flee and escape if the puppy becomes too harsh. Before learning to play with each other, the puppy and kitten should be made to learn bite inhibition. This is a phenomenon where the felines learn to regulate their bite intensity. 

Rather than prolonging the initial meeting, allow the felines to get acquainted over several days. An initial meeting of 10-15 minutes is adequate. Allow the puppy and kitten to romp as long as they appear happy.

Start by bringing them together several times a day. Do this until being together is no longer a hassle for the felines. Although it is ideal if they become pals, they can even choose to ignore each other completely. However, do not let them be alone with each other. 

Effective Administration 

dog eating with cat

Try to avoid skipping supervision for the first few months of the kitten and puppy being together. Even though everything seems OK and the felines look like they are getting along well, overseeing them is still necessary. 

Isolate the animals when leaving the house by either crating them or securing them in separate rooms with necessary edibles. Feed the animals individually. Ensure that you are feeding your felines the best food bought from a trusted source

Keep the litter box and cat food out of reach of the puppy. This may necessitate some creative thinking! If you own a little puppy and older kittens, an elevated litterbox that the cats can comfortably enter and exit but the pup cannot suffice while you are watching. 

Choose non-clumping waste, ask your veterinarian for an opinion on which type is the safest if your puppy consumes some of it unintentionally. Such as when the cat leaps out of the container with some clinging to its paw and the puppy consumes it.

Cats and kittens, like dogs and puppies, require personal space. Frequent walks should be provided for your puppy, and your kitty must have its cat perch or tree where it may relax, nap, and study its environment. 

If you are sure that your pets will get along well with each other, leave them together for short periods. However, if one of your pets is unruly when left unattended, you want to keep it crated.

Teaching Acceptable Behavior 

kitten and puppy being together

Taking your dog to training classes for obedience is essential regardless. However, if it does live with a cat, this becomes necessary. It will need to understand basic commands like “Come here,” “Leave it,” and “sit,” which will help the dog reinforce positive conduct around cats of all ages. 

If the puppy is playing rough with the kitten or starts chasing it with an aggressive attitude, a firm “NO” with a time-out will be effective. It will teach the dog not to behave like this with its feline companion except if the kitty initiates the behavior with claws or fangs first.

Ensure they are appropriately trained so they respect and understand what they are authorized to do. It will also give them the necessary restraint as they wander around your home or yard. Most significantly, you should handle each pet equally and give them the same amount of affection and devotion.

Breed Concerns 

Some dog breeds, particularly those with a high hunting instinct, are usually not well with cats. Even if reared with a cat from as young as eight weeks, their predatory instincts can kick in, resulting in fatal outcomes. Similarly, some cat breeds also do not get along well with dogs.

For example, if you own a Jack Russell, think again about raising it with kittens. Other breeds in the same boat include sighthounds, huskies, terriers, and others. 

Spaniels, retrievers, beagles, bulldogs, Keeshonds, poodles, and Lhasa apsos are generally pretty good with cats. Birman, Maine Coon, The Scottish Fold, Bengal, and Oriental Shorthair are the safest cat breeds for puppies. 


Owning a cat or a dog can be delightful, but owning both can be twice as much fun, and it can also be twice as much hassle. It is, however, possible to raise both at the same time.

They can be educated and mentored simultaneously, and because of their deep bond, they can even become best buddies. Although it is fun to raise them together, it demands a great deal of patience, energy, and attention.

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