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Tuesday , October 19 2021
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How Often Should You Clean Your Dog?

Guest post!

While it is great fun to have pets, it can be rather troublesome as well if you do not maintain their hygiene. You would not want your family members or even your dog itself to suffer from health issues, so you need to ensure that proper cleaning is done.

One question that is often asked by people – how often should a dog be cleaned? It is this question that we are going to tackle now.

Various factors to consider

There are a lot of factors that should influence the number of times you bathe your dog:

  • The area where the dog lives:

    Does the dog spend most of its time outdoors or lives inside and sleeps in your room? If your dog lives outdoors, for the most part, you will need to wash it regularly. This is because you want to ensure that the dog does not carry the dirt from outside within your house. You would not want dirt on your bed and another furniture, so frequent cleaning is required.

  • Breed:

    The next important factor is the breed of the dog. The coats of different breeds require different frequencies of washing. Dogs with a harsh texture of coat can be bathed once a month, while those that do not have a harsh or double coat need to be washed on a weekly basis. Hence, the breed of the dog you have is something that you need to take into consideration.

  • Allergies:

    If your family members are susceptible to allergies, you will need to wash your dogs as often as possible so that their furs do not become the source of problems for any of the members.

  • Activities of the dog:

    Does your dog like to play in sand or dirt? Does it like to go swimming? The activities that your dogs do, determine how often they need to be cleaned.

  • Itchy skin:

    If your dog has a tendency to develop an itch quickly, you need to wash your dog’s coat on a weekly basis to ensure that all the allergens are washed away and do not penetrate the skin.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to the breed you have and the activity that your dog indulges in most of the day. You need to ensure that cleanliness is maintained optimally for the betterment of not only the dog but your own self as well.

Unless your pet has skin-related problems, you do not need to wash them on a daily basis. You need to bathe your dogs whenever you feel they stink, which you will experience quite often.

If your dog has normal skin, you can clean them monthly with a dog shampoo. If you want to do the task more than once a month, it is advisable to opt for a moisturizing dog shampoo.

It is advisable to refrain from cleaning your dog more than once a week unless it has been suggested by your vet. Too much washing can pave the way for a lot of problems for the dog and is something that you need to avoid.

This article was submitted by Jarred Ladr

Website: Paw Castle

DISCLAIMER: DogExpress does not endorse or take responsibility for the content in the guest post.

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