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Wednesday , March 22 2023
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Siberian Huskies

How Much Does Siberian Husky Cost? Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 2022

The Husky is known for its energy, playfulness, and beauty. They are an absolute stunner. They prefer to stay outside and love to run.

Are you looking for a Husky and want to know how much it costs?

Fortunately, the cost is not high to own one. The purpose of raising Siberian Husky is exciting. However, before you own them, you better be prepared for a few things, especially your financial planning.

This article will help you get the details about the cost and the additional expenses throughout the life span of the pups.

Siberian Husky Price

The average price of the puppies of this breed is $975 to $1300. The price differs not for the health, but the quality of pups; such as show quality pups cost the highest, and the cheapest is the purebred without any certificate. The reason is that the purebreds have fewer chances of winning dog shows.

The level of the breeder standard may cost you a deposit ranging from $100 – $500, but refundable if you are not satisfied with the pups. The price also differs due to the gender difference and the type of Husky you are searching for.


For example, show Husky, working Husky, and companion Husky vary in prices. Husky are the most popular dogs in the world (especially in America). According to show experts, Husky’s price raises due to its popularity.

Husky pups are cute, but it costs rigorous obedience training and needs lots of care and time. That is why most owners prefer full-grown adult Husky.

Full grown-ups come with some options, such as a retired dog who is uncared for. Breeders try to rehome them that cost only the adoption fee of $325-$400.

Siberian Husky Puppy Price in India 2022

The average cost of a Husky puppy is ₹40,000 to ₹80,000. The Siberian Husky price in India varies depending on gender, location, demand, coloring, and more.

Siberian Husky Service Dog Price

Huskies are persevering and laborious dogs. Undoubtedly, they preferred working dogs used in activities such as rescuing and sledding. If you go for service Huskies, be prepared to pay a hefty price.

Huskies are better suited for Sled. Compared to other dog training, training mushing of these dogs is a costly affair. A professional musher may charge $100,00 for the schooling of Dogs.

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Factors That Impact the Cost of a Siberian Husky

The cost of puppies is related to a few things like their age, fur color, lineage, health condition, and much more.


Age impacts the price. In the case of pups aged between 8-12 weeks, you have to pay the most. However, a 1-year-old is a less expensive one. Few breeders charge more for younger ones than an adult cause they are in demand.

The adoption of older dogs is widely encouraged by breeders these days. Few breeders even let away the grown-up Huskies at a throwaway price. They charge merely the adoption fee only. The advantage of old dogs is that they are already housetrained and less mellowed than younger ones.

Coat Color

Husky got various coat colors and patterns such as black, tan, white, and sable. Even some have woolly fur. Pups from the same parents cost different prices not due to their health but for their fitness.

For example, furry coat puppies are considered faulty due to their coat because it takes a long time to dry snow and creates irritation if the dog works in snow for a long hour. That is the reason woolly puppies cost low compared to other pups.

However, white pups are more desirable, and so it is costly. It comes at around $2500. Always buy a puppy from a breeder who prefers a healthy breed overlooks.



Generally, there is no difference in prices between male and female pups. Only you pay the extra payment for male puppies for their food because they are a little heavier in weight than females.

Lineage and Bloodlines

Lineage is another essential factor for the price hike. If the breeder has an award-winning bloodline, he charges a higher price tag for his pups. Breeders purchase these puppies and then add different lineage to their existing varieties.

If you are searching for good quality puppies, then make some savings and go for a pet quality pup store rather than a show quality one. Cause they may come with a co-ownership clause and an extra price of $500 more or maybe higher.


Huskies are one of the popularly bred dogs. Hence, you can come across a breeder in your state. But if you search for a likely breeder, then you have to pay a higher cost. Better to drive and collect your pups cause fling puppies are costlier.

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Certification and Warranties

The breeder also makes a difference in the cost of puppies. Authorized breeders put their Husky puppies’ costs on the higher side. The reason behind the high price is the authorization of every puppy to the authority, and it is a costly affair.

Some are not certified; still, they produce healthy and happy pups. Before purchasing from them, make sure they have certificated proof from canine ophthalmologists because Husky puppies are prone to cataracts.

Siberian Husky

Long Term Ownership Costs

Each breed has a different ownership cost. Here are some lifelong expenses you need to know:


Huskies are intelligent; so, they need proper training. Unprofessional training is a strict no-no. So, it is better to train them with a professional trainer. Also, you can even choose to train them after completion of your training courses.

Private training classes start from $50. A group obedience training class is good for them because they love company and around the other dogs and people.

A well-trained professional helps you to understand the independent nature of your dog. It helps to turn your dog into intelligent and obedient.


Huskies are low in maintenance with respect to grooming. Weakly brushing keeps their coat healthy. However, because they run significantly, it is required to trim their nails which costs around $15 for a professional.

siberian husky dog black and white with brown eyes lying on yard at home, 8 years old fog

Health Care and Veterinary Bills

They are a healthy breed. However, the dog may have some genetic problems. A cataract is one of them which needs surgery and costs about $4000. For this issue, people buy vet insurance, which costs $30-$50 per month depending upon the age.

Food and Treats

As they are in constant motion, so it requires a healthy diet. These dogs consume 2 cups of food per day. So a 3lbs cost $50. If you go for 120lbs for two months, then it costs $25.


A few other things you require to consider for better upbringing of your pups include a leash, collar, toy, crate, and bowls, which cost $100.


The Siberian Husky is a stunning dog. It is a great working dog and a good companion. As you see, they are not so expensive. Always buy them from a reputable breeder for a better breed.

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