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Sunday , September 19 2021
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How Can I Trim My Dog's Nails At Home

How Can I Trim My Dog’s Nails At Home?

Do you have a dog at home? If so, you will be well aware of the importance of grooming them to keep them healthy. While grooming, dog nail cutting is considered to be a daunting task by many.

But at the same time, it’s one of the essential processes to keep the dogs healthy and hygienic. And it’s not as tough as you think. Just by following a few simple steps, you can easily trim your dog nail at home.

Some dogs are very cooperative and will sit to cut the nails without creating a mess or tension. But a few others need little care and some rewards to be handled smoothly during the nail cutting procedure.

In this post, you’ll gain a clear-cut idea of trimming the nails of your dog perfectly and efficiently.

Importance of cutting Dog nails:

Like in humans, if the nails are grown long, it can lead to serious health issues in the dog. Lengthy nails can create discomfort for your dogs while walking, sitting, or standing. This may lead to various alignment and disorders in the future due to odd postures.

In addition, lameness or other injuries can be expected when the nails are long and move through the ground. It can even affect the movements of dogs too.

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Best & Easiest Ways to Trim the Dog’s Nails:

Best & Easiest Ways to Trim the Dog's Nails

Get ready with the right tools:

There are three types of tools that can be used to cut your dog nails; you may use scissors, grinders, or clippers. Choose the tool that you are comfortable using.

You may even have a flashlight ready near to view the dark nails. Once the tools are all set, it’s time to get your dog; if they are new to the procedure, have some biscuits or peanuts handy to settle them.

Identify how much to trim:

The dog nail cutting requires much more care as the nails are supplied with blood. A wrong trim may lead to pain, bleeding, and discomfort. Find out the correct range to cut with light and dark-colored nails. Use a flashlight to find out the right cutting range.

Trim the nails:

When the cutting range is fixed, and when the dog is relaxed, it’s time to start cutting the nails. Trim slowly and keep them happy by offering small eatable items.

Once the entire process is done, check if it’s bleeding; if not, you have done the job right. Encourage your dog with a small reward; this will help reduce the fear and make them happy.

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How often should you cut the nails of your dog?

How often should you cut the nails of your dog

This is a frequently asked question. It depends on the place where your dog walks and plays. If your dog walks on hard surfaces, the nails grow slowly, and you needn’t trim it often, whereas, on soft ground, it requires frequent dog nail cutting.

In addition, the trimming time varies according to the breed, food habits, and genetic factors.

To conclude, it’s highly recommended to check the dog nails regularly and fix a schedule once a fortnight to maintain healthy and hygienic nails.

Having the right tools and knowing the best methods will surely help you ease the job of trimming the dog’s nails.

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