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Saturday , January 29 2022
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Home-Run Pet Startups That Are Giving Big-Chains a Run for Their Money

Home-Run Pet Startups That Are Giving Big-Chains a Run for Their Money

Do you want to give your pet buddy a healthy, quality life?

Then it’s time you look into those commercially made food/pet products and medicine thoughtfully. Pet parents in India are making a steady shift towards a species-appropriate diet, better, cleaner, and more natural ingredients in pet products, and holistic medicines for their beloved pets.

Most commercial pet foods and products contain preservatives and chemicals for increasing their shelf lives. Kibble, for example, includes fillers like wheat, maize, and sugars in its products, along with low-quality meat. It has led to harmful bacterial or fungal outbreaks in many pets in recent years.

Furthermore, most commercial pet products (shampoos, lotions, and other skin products) use chemicals like Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Silicones, and poisonous chemicals to combat ticks and fleas in pets. It has raised critical skin issues in pets, even leading to hospitalization.

As a concerned pet parent, stop waiting for the big chains to mend their ways. Check out how home-run pet entrepreneurs and startups make a difference in precious pets’ lives in India. Here are some of the home-run Pet Startups:

In Nutrition and health

Georgina’s Kitchen

Georgina's Kitchen
Image Source: Georgina’s Kitchen

Founded in 2016 by Lee Georgina, a certified canine nutritionist, they provide dog nutrition consultation services. After her dog (and supervisor) Vladimir Stitchkoff was diagnosed with epilepsy, she started researching diets that could help him.

Today she is among the most renowned animal nutritionist in India. She advocates for balanced, fresh, and meat-based diets for dogs and prepares customized diets based on the dog’s breed, weight, existing health conditions, age, and other factors. You can book a diet consultation online on her website and follow-up correspondence over emails.

Homeocare Online

Homeocare Online
Image Source: Homeocare Online

It is established by Dr. Renu Nath and her daughter, Dr. Ashima Nath, for providing homeopathic medication consultation services for animals. The mother-daughter duo treats all kinds of animals like cows and turtles apart from cats and dogs. They can help your pet with a holistic approach to treatment. If you seek relief for your pet from long-term ailments like tick fever, distemper, and arthritis, give a call to them or book a consultation online.

Carni Kitchen

Carni Kitchen

It is a startup that provides customized cooked and raw-meat-based diet plans for dogs. It is founded in 2020 by Ashritha Siddantham, Zianne Vaz, and Dr. Nidhi Sastry to give a specialized nutrition service for senior dogs for liver support, kidney issues, tick fever recovery, joint support, and weight loss, among many others.

You can reach out to them online via Instagram or email for their services. They also conduct regular, paid pet nutrition seminars online, guiding people in fresh food feed for pets, DIY recipes, and supplements-usage guidance.

In Pet Products

Happy Puppy Organics

Happy Puppy Organics
Happy Puppy Organics

It was founded in 2019 by Dristi Brahmania, a startup entrepreneur who uses the power of natural botanicals and ingredients like hemp to sell natural, certified-safe pet products. She sells organic soaps, shampoos, tick and flea oils, and calming sprays out of her home/via her website and processes over a thousand orders each month.



It is a pet home run, startup business managed by mother-daughter duo Nisha Gupta and Garima Gupta, providing customized bedding for pets. As animals require more sleep than humans in a day, they design pet beds based on their size and age to help them get their much-needed rest.

Their company also makes orthopedic beds to support senior pet’s joint issues. Apart from beds, they also sell affordable, durable, and high-quality pet bean bags, car seat covers, floor mats, futons, and comforters. Till now, they have serviced over 2,000 customers.

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In Pet Foods

Canine Craving

Canine Craving

It is a startup founded by Swagata and Sundeep Dhar in 2018 to feed more nutritious foods to pets. After their pet’s preexisting health conditions worsen due to commercial treats and chews, they began experimenting with fresh meats in their kitchen.

When their efforts paid off, and their pet buddy’s health improved, they decided to self-fund their DTC company to sell dehydrated, zero preservative, raw bones, animal meat supplements, and meat-based treats.

Today they sell healthy and preservative-free, species-appropriate pet foods to people. Their products do not undergo bleach processing like commercial ones and contain herbs and spices beneficial for animals.

Canine India

Canine India

Germany-born Julia Pape founded the pet food startup in 2018 to provide species-appropriate chews, treats, meals, and supplements for dogs and cats. Their products do not contain anything other than meat (farm-sourced) and other animal by-products like bones. They ship their products across India.


Instead of blindly trusting in big-chain pet products, do your research. Expand your options with a pet-friendly diet and products. Try some of them for your pet buddy and see the change yourself.

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