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Health Problems Developed Due To Dog Food

5 Health Problems Developed Due To Dog Food

As our dog gets ill, we start blaming their socializing with other animals, hereditary, and sensitivity. We never blame the food for this situation. But the fact is that most such cases happen due to wrong food or food habits.

Our trust in dog food makes us overconfident. Usually, we ignore this possibility. A healthy diet is crucial to sustaining the dog’s health condition.

Below are some examples of diseases developed due to dog food. It will help you determine the right food choice for your dog to prevent them from any such diseases.

Health Problems Caused by Using poor quality dog food


Like human obesity, dog obesity is a cause of concern for the dog. It leads to several health issues like hypertension, blood sugar, arthritis, and cancer. Hence, it affects the lifespan of a dog and hampers the quality of life. You can prevent this condition.

Have a look at the calorie and carbs content in the food. These two things are most responsible for whether your dog turns obese or not in the future. In most cases, the vet notices that the dog owner ignores the obesity of their dogs.

They initially consider obesity as a mark of good health. A controlled diet helps an obese dog to reduce weight and gain a good life span. You can consult a vet for weight control guidance.

Allergy due to foodAllergy due to dog food

It is a common problem irrespective of breed, age, or gender. Sometimes, due to an unexpected substance in the food, you should avoid the substance by going through the item content in the list mentioned on the food cover.

The symptoms of food allergies are itching in the skin, stomach problems, and swollen areas on the face. In this situation, we blame nature, atmospheric, or seasonal changes but do not consider the food for this condition.

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Cardiac issue

Heart-related issues are common in dogs. One of the significant heart issues is cardiomyopathy. It develops due to the enlargement of the heart chamber. Sodium intake is a significant reason for this situation. Sodium helps retain water in the body, which increases hypertension.

It creates pressure in the heart and develops myopathy. Also, grain food increases this situation. Grain-free food and reduced sodium may prevent such situations from developing. You can give them vegetables and a limited amount of grain because both are important for them, but in a controlled way.

Blood sugarbalanced food for your dog

It happens due to the presence of glucose in the blood. It arises due to the inability of the pancreas to create insulin. It helps the food break fat and protein for the body. You can control this but not cure it permanently.

Excessive sugar in the blood can cause damage to the kidneys, liver, and eyes. In case of high sugar, the vet may give your dog insulin daily and prescribe low-diet food. You will be surprised to know the amount of diabetes-developing contents present in dog food which is more than your dog’s digestive system can tackle.

Prevention Procedure

It is too tough to maintain a balanced food for your dog. Though raw food is good, there are issues like availability, storage, cost, and preparation. High nutritious raw meat and probiotics are good options. You can give them some fruits and vegetables too.

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