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Wednesday , October 4 2023
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Adopt Stray Dogs

People In Goa Come Forward To Adopt Stray Dogs

People in Goa come forward to adopt stray dogs!

Several NGOs have come forward to rescue, vaccinate and shelter stray dogs in Panaji. Their efforts have led to many strays finding forever homes. In fact, adopting stray dogs is becoming kind of a trend in Goa. Now owning a foreign dog breed is no longer a matter of status.

“A lot of people are picking up stray dogs for adoption since they are becoming more conscious that strays also require love and care besides just having a shelter,” said Dr Gustavo Pinto, a veterinarian.

Most of the foreigners in Goa are opting for stray dogs. Seeing the trend, now stray dogs are being adopted by expatriates and locals as well.

Adopt Stray Dogs

Goa Animal Welfare Trust (GAWT) is able to get 300 to 400 local puppies adopted per year. Now efforts are being made to motivate the families to adopt adult dogs as well.

“People look after stray puppies very well. They keep coming in for timely vaccinations and check-ups. While most families prefer to take in adult males, we offer to neuter the females so that they can adopt them.” said a member of GAWT.

PAWS (NGO) also puts up around 10 to 20 adult dogs for adoption per year.

“Foreign dogs demand a lot of care and attention in terms of type of food and healthcare. Local dogs eat all types of food and easily adapt to climatic conditions,” said an office assistant at PAWS.

Speaking about the benefits of adopting stray dogs over foreign breeds,

Dr Pinto said, “Local dogs are resistant to all canine diseases that would otherwise kill those of foreign breeds in India. Also, stray dogs are tough, free of cost and are equally loving as their foreign counterparts.”

Nachinola resident, Manuela Machut, continues to rescue dogs even at the fragile age of 74 years. She has adopted seven dogs from Parra and surrounding areas and brought them home.

“It makes me really angry to think that people here keep dogs only to guard their homes. They don’t really care about the dogs.” she said.

Source: The Times Of India

A change is coming!

Let’s share and promote this story so as other cities and states also begin to adopt stray dogs!

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