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Feeding Street Dogs not a Crime

Feeding Street Dogs not a Crime

People feeding or quenching the thirst of stray animals, especially street dogs, is a common sight. However, such people acting with compassion cannot be held responsible for any untoward incidents caused by street animals.

There have been several instances when neighbours in a locality blamed persons for feeding street dogs and their menace. In a few dog bite cases, complaints were been lodged with the police seeking action against persons for feeding the dogs and holding them responsible for the incidents.

But this is not correct. Complaints cannot be lodged against persons feeding street animals as per the Supreme Court orders and according to the Animal Welfare Board of India guidelines, said GHMC Chief Veterinary Officer Abdul Vakil.

Several courts have held that it is both helpful and lawful for local residents to feed colony dogs and also it is a criminal offence to threaten, abuse or harass neighbours, who feed homeless animals, he informed.

Meanwhile, the municipal corporation has caught 38 stray dogs from Bahadurpura and neighbouring areas on Sunday after a 10-year old boy Ayan was mauled to death by a pack of stray dogs near Mahmoodia Masjid, Kishan Bagh Park under Bahadurpura police station limits on Saturday.

Three teams with six vehicles were deployed in the colonies both from the Jiyaguda end and Bahadurpura end along the River Musi and 38 stray dogs were caught from Asad Baba Nagar and other surrounding areas, said GHMC Veterinary Assistant Director Sadguna Devi.

While those caught on the Jiyaguda end will be shifted to Animal Care Centre, Amberpet, others will be taken to Chudi Bazar centre. Vaccination and sterilisation will be performed on these dogs and their health status will be monitored for about six days. They will be released in the respective areas from where they were picked up as per the Animal Welfare Board of India guidelines, she informed.

Source: Telangana Today

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