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Saturday , January 29 2022
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Easy Commands to Teach Your Dog

For anyone who has a dog, they understand the importance of disciplining their dog. A dog without discipline can cause a lot of stress in your life. Dogs that lack discipline will also develop behavior issues down the line, so it’s essential to get ahead of them as early as possible. Teaching your dog basic commands early on in their life will let them know you are in control and help them become more disciplined.

Here are a few easy commands by professional dog trainers you can teach your dog.


Sit is probably the most common command new dog owners teach to their dogs. Learning to sit is crucial because it will teach your dog to immediately run off when it sees another dog on walks. Sit will also stop them from potentially jumping on a guest in your home.

The best way to release the dog from this position is to say “okay” or “brake.” By teaching a dog to “sit” early in their life, they will become a much more manageable pet.



Down is an excellent command to teach your dog because it is what is called a challenging command. This means the command will put your dog in a passive position.

This command is great for a dog that is prone to jumping or trying to get after food on a counter. Training your dog to lay down by your command means you will have a well-mannered and well-disciplined dog.


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Teaching your dog to stay is essential. Stay is typically taught to dogs after sitting in the training process. The importance of staying will teach your dog to fight against their natural impulses to follow you.

When you can successfully teach your dog to stay, you are on your way to having a very trained pet. When a dog is capable of staying, you are being to master its self-control.

Drop it


If you have ever owned a dog, then you know how often you say “drop it!” This command is probably one of the most important commands you can learn. Dogs will always pick up things they shouldn’t. After all, they are just animals.

When you can say “drop it!” instead of having to open their mouths out to get whatever it is out, you will be saving you and your dog a lot of stress. This command will also slowly teach dogs what they can and cannot have in their mouths.

On the other hand, drop it is excellent for playing fetch with your dog. When you teach your dog to drop it, your fetch sessions will be much more productive and fun!

Closing Thoughts

Teaching your dog basic skills early on in their life is essential to teaching them proper behavior. When you start teaching your dog commands such as sit, stay, drop it, or down, they learn that you are in control, but it also gives them a job.

Most poor behavior in dogs is simply due to a lack of training and discipline. If your dog becomes disciplined early on in life, you will have no issues.

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