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Thursday , October 22 2020
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Picture Of Dog Saluting Top Army Commander Goes Viral

Recently, a picture of a dog went viral on social media. In the picture the dog is seen to be saluting the 15 Corps Commander Lt Gen KJS Dhillon.

The Chinar Corps Commander was also seen in the picture who returned the salute to the dog. According to sources, the Army officials stated that the picture was taken on 1 July, during the first day of Amarnath Yatra.

The dog named Menaka was posted around the holy cave on duty. When the Corps Commander reached the holy cave, he was greeted by Menaka who saluted him.

As per the Indian Army tradition, all seniors reciprocate a salute given to them. Lt Gen Dhillon also returned the salute to Menaka and was happy to spend some time with the dog.

The picture was tweeted and posted on Twitter by a handle @nee_el on the Remount Veterinary Corps Day (RVC), Lt Gen Dhillon tweeted: “Salute to the Buddy who saved many a lives many times.”

Menaka and other Army dogs are posted along with the troops and move along with their handlers and troop to help them detect explosives, mines, terrorist hideout locations, etc.

Many dogs get awarded gallantry medals for a crucial role in counter-terrorism operations. The Army’s RVC has dogs, mules, and horses trained for the troops who help them operate in difficult terrain and locations.

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