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Saturday , October 1 2022
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Dog Nutrition Can Dogs Eat Celery

Dog Nutrition: Can Dogs Eat Celery?

Dogs are fed a balanced and complete diet and do not require vegetables and fruits the way we do. But in the case of moderation, some vegetables and fruits make up for a healthy treat.

Veggies, low-fat fruits, and low-calorie are one of the best treats for dogs struggling with obesity. However, some human foods could be toxic to dogs. It is why it is always a good idea to ask your vet before you feed them.

Can dogs eat celery?

Celery is one of the vegetables that is listed as safe for dogs by multiple sources. The reason is that it has a lower amount of cholesterol and fat.

It is also one of the excellent sources of fiber. It also contains Vitamin A, C, and K, manganese, potassium, and folate. The crunchy veggie also helps to freshen up the dog’s breath which is one of the added incentives for every dog owner.

Is celery good for dogs?

As mentioned earlier, celery is safe for dogs to eat. If you are thinking about the health benefits, here are a few:

Low-calorie treat

Humans often treat celery as a snack when they try to lose weight because it is low in calories. It is the same reason why it makes an excellent treat for dogs as well.

If you have a dog that needs to shed a few pounds or if their weight worries you, celery is a good option for them to snack.


Celery comes packed with a lot of beneficial vitamins. Vitamin K plays a crucial role in proper blood clotting and helps to keep the dog’s bones healthy and strong. Vitamin C is perfect for their immune system and can help their body to adapt to stress more efficiently and healthily.

Alongside, Vitamin A is great for your dog’s eyesight. Apart from health, it is great for the nervous system, muscles, and skin.


In addition to being a great source of vitamins, celery comes with some essential minerals as well. It provides your dog with some much-needed zinc. It also contains manganese that helps to maintain proper blood sugar balance.


Celery is known to provide a healthy dose of potassium as well. It contains as much potassium as a banana has. It helps your dog to stay hydrated and helps to prevent muscle cramps.

High water content

Celery contains electrolytes that help to keep your dog hydrated. It also helps your dog to get some extra water. You can give some celery to your dog regularly during the summer months.


The vegetable comes along with a lot of antioxidants including vitamin E. The antioxidants play an essential role in minimizing inflammation. It helps your dog to fight off diseases.


If you feed your dog with celery, it is one of the easiest ways to make sure if they are getting enough fiber or not. Fiber is an essential thing to promote good digestion and helps your dog to avoid stomach-related issues.

Amount of celery dogs can eat

Dog’s nutritional level can be met by dog food. Your dog doesn’t need the extra nutrients present in celery for them to stay healthy. You must treat it as a treat and not as a meal replacement unless directed by your veterinarian.

Treats must not make up more than 10% of the daily diet of your dog. You need to take care of the dog who is overweight. It becomes relatively easier to calculate the amount of celery to give to your dog. All you need to do is figure out how many treats your dog gets daily and how much you need to feed them.

If you try to calculate the exact percentage, it is not possible for many of us because we lack the tools to figure out the dry weight of celery. But it is easier to get an idea about the appropriate serving size.

For example, if your dog gets only a cup of food a day, feeding them with a cup of celery would be too much for them. Take your vet’s advice about the appropriate portion size for your dog.

Related risks of feeding celery to dogs

It is likely for celery to pose a choking hazard, especially for small dogs. Make sure that you cut the vegetable into bite-sized chunks before you feed it as a treat. It becomes easier for the dogs to measure out the dog’s portion size.


Now that you have answers to all your queries, try to feed celery to your dogs today. You can feed your pooch a few stalks of the crunch stuff now and then without worrying too much. However, you must be sure what other foods you must or must not feed to your dogs.

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