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Sunday , September 19 2021
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Dog-Bitten PKL Woman Harassed for Vaccine

Dog-Bitten PKL Woman Harassed for Vaccine

In a city that aims at being free of stray cattle and dogs in five months, a 25-year old dog-bitten woman of Sector 7 was harassed at the Sector-6 civil hospital and advised to go to Chandigarh or a private hospital for vaccination.

Harpreet Kaur was on her way home from the bus stop at the Dhillon traffic lights when a pack of four stray dogs came after her, barking. When she gathered pace, one of those dogs bit her on the left leg. Had the passersby not heard her screams and come to her rescue, worse could have happened. She walked home injured and shared the incident with her father, Gurcharan Singh, who moved her to the civil hospital.

Adding to her pain, the hospital told her it had no anti-rabies vaccine. Gurcharan Singh said: “The doctors told me to go the PGI in Chandigarh or buy an injection from outside.” I bought the first dose for Rs 350 from a chemist.” This isn’t the first incident where a dog-bitten person was harassed in Panchkula for vaccination. The cases are as common as dog bites and there’s no relief from either the municipal corporation or the hospital.

Officials at the civil hospital said they received an average of 250 cases of dog bite every month from the district. The residents have asked the MC to start catching stray dogs since the canine sterilization campaign has made no impact. Confronted, mayor Kulbhushan Goyal promised to get dog catching off to a start from February 5 after the inauguration of a kennel for strays at Sukhdarshanpur village, and capture all stray dogs before June 23.

Source: Times of India

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