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Thursday , December 7 2023
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Delhi University students promote desi dogs adoption

Delhi University Students Promote Desi Dogs For Adoption

Recently, a group of Delhi University students have launched a desi dog adoption project called “Parivartan.” The goal of this project is to promote adoption of desi dogs and to help eradicate rabies from Delhi city.

All students who have been working in this project are from “Enactus Motilal Nehru College.” It is the only college in India that works for animal welfare.

Parivartan project

The Parivartan Project not only helps stray dogs but also tries to provide source of income to poor women by giving them an opportunity to produce and sell handmade dog collars and leashes.

A part of earning from these sales is distributed to the poor women and the rest is invested in the welfare of the dogs, their medicine and basic needs.

DESI model

According to Enactus MNC, “Their project Parivartan has adapted the DESI model, where DESI stands for “Duty to Empathize, Sterilize and immunize” the stray dogs.”

The Enactus team has provided shelter to 14 stray dogs in their college campus and named them. They also feed them on a daily basis in the two shelters, which they have built only for these dogs. Whereas as a part of “Duty to Sterilize and Immunize”, they have directly collaborated with the NGO- PAWS and got all the dogs sterilized and immunized against rabies on their own expenses, hence making the college campus a rabies free zone.

Enactus MNC team said, “Our mission is not only to eradicate rabies but also get the dogs the inclusivity they deserve as fellow creatures. We took this initiative to give the ‘Desi dogs’ or how people like to call them- stray dogs, a better life.

Inspite of being treated so cruelly by hundreds of people all day long, even if one person treats a street dog right, he’ll surely shower all the love inside him to that one person. Through our project, we encourage people to be a part of this change and adopt these dogs.”

As a part of the project, women from Sanjay Gandhi Centre, Chanakyapuri have been employed near Jesus and Mary College for producing both handmade dog collars and dog food.

Delhi has started taking steps to curb the stray dog menace and gearing up to eradicate rabies once and for all.

Source: The Asian Age

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