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Wednesday , June 3 2020
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Pet dog registeration

Chandigarh MC Imposes Heavy Fines For Not Registering Pet Dogs

Even with the Chandigarh municipal corporation’s several strict warnings to city residents to register their pet dogs, only 6,300 have been registered out of nearly 15,000 dogs in the past eight years. Approx. 42%  dogs registered yet.

In the meanwhile, the municipal corporation (MC) has been receiving nearly 200 cases of pet dog bites every month and 300 complaints of dog bylaws violation every month, but only 69 people had been challaned in the past one year.

Saurav Mishra, MC additional commissioner, said, “We will intensify the drive and will also organise various camps for registration of dogs. If still, they will not register, action will be initiated.  Davesh Moudgil, mayor, said, “I will hold a meeting with the concerned officers on this soon.”

The Chandigarh Registration of Pet Dogs Bylaws 2010 came into force six years back, however, the authorities have made little effort to implement them. There is a provision of penalty for violation of bylaws under clause 14.

According to the records of Sector-19 civil veterinary dispensary and  anti-rabies clinic in the city, reveals on an average 180 to 200 pet dogs’ bite cases are reported every month.

As per the bylaws,  a dog owner must not allow the dog to defecate in public places such as residential areas, green belts, streets, roads, road berms and other common places. In case a dog defecates at these places, the owner shall arrange to get the dog’s excreta removed.

Penalty raised  by 11 times, but no challan yet. It was in September last year, when the civic body increased the amount from Rs 500 to Rs 5,500, if a dog defecates in public place, but in the past five months not even a single dog owner has been challaned despite several complaints.

In case of violation

In case a pet dog owner fails to get their dog registered, he or she can be punished with a fine of up to Rs 500. If the dog is still not registered, owner is fined Rs 20 daily for seven days. After this, the dog is detained and the owner has to pay maintenance charges of Rs 100 per day to claim the dog. If the dog is not claimed within seven days, the MC can sell it.

Guidelines under dog bylaws

  • Registration of every pet dog is a must
  • Only two dogs are allowed per family
  • Pet animals cannot be taken to Sukhna Lake or any public garden being maintained by the MC
  • Pet dogs should not be allowed to defecate in public places
  • Owners need to ensure that a collar affixed with a metal token issued by the registration authority is tied in their pet’s neck
  • Owners have to hand over dead pets to the MC for burial
  • All ferocious dogs should be muzzled and a stick has to be carried by the escort accompanying the dog while taking them out.

How to get your pet registered

It is mandatory for dog owners to register each pet at the Municipal Corporation dog cell, once the canine is four months old.

  • Two photographs of the dog have to be pasted on the form with the details of its age, colour, breed and vaccination certificate from a veterinary practitioner duly registered with Indian Veterinary Council (IVC) or State Veterinary Council.
  • The registration is done at the office of medical officer of health in Sector 17 and Rs 200 is charged as fee.
  • The owner gets a brass token in return, which is to be fixed around the dog’s neck.

Download Pet Dog Registration Form

Reference: hindustan times

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