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Sunday , January 23 2022
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People In Goa Come Forward To Adopt Stray Dogs

Adopt Stray Dogs

People in Goa come forward to adopt stray dogs! Several NGOs have come forward to rescue, vaccinate and shelter stray dogs in Panaji. Their efforts have led to many strays finding forever homes. In fact, adopting stray dogs is becoming kind of a trend in Goa. Now owning a foreign ...

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3 Puppies Burnt Alive & A Dog Shot In Hyderabad

3 Puppies Burnt Alive

Two separate heartbreaking incidents shocked Hyderabad and the people of India this week! 3 puppies burnt alive in a field was filmed for fun and the video has uploaded on Facebook as well. In the other incident, a dog was shot for fun. It seems like humans are finding out ...

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A 4 Day Free Clinic For Pets Starts This Sunday

free clinic for pets

A four day free clinic for pets is going to start this Sunday, 24 July, 2016,  in Mysore! A health camp for canines has been launched in the city of Mysuru. The global NGO, World Vets, in collaboration with the city based People For Animal (PFA) has launched this free ...

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A Doberman Kills 4 Cobras To Save His Master’s Family

Doberman Kills 4 Cobras

A brave doberman kills 4 cobras and sacrifices his life in the process to save his master’s family… Bhubaneswar: A pet owner, Dibakar Raita and his family were living in Sebekapur village of Gajapati district, that  is 400 kms far from Bhubaneswar. After the incident, the dog owner and his ...

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7 Puppies Rescued From A Dustbin In Mumbai

7 puppies rescued

7 puppies rescued miraculously from a dustbin by animal lovers! The puppies were packed in a white sack and dumped in a dustbin near JJ Hospital. Animal lovers who rescued the puppies, immediately contacted volunteer Uma Shetty to help them out. As Uma reached the spot, she saw the innocent ...

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Nagaland May Issue A Ban On Selling Of Dog Meat

dog meat

Nagaland is famous for being one of the top consumers of animal meat, and dog meat is considered as a delicacy! However, the recent global outrage on the Chinese Yulin Festival has forced the concerned authorities and Nagaland government to step in and stop the selling of live dogs and ...

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Ammu Dies Due to Mental Trauma


Remember Ammu, the mother of the 8 puppies that were allegedly killed by a Bengaluru women in front of her eyes? She passed away recently! Since her pups were killed in front of her eyes, she had not been eating properly and was usually seen lying near the grave of ...

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Haryana Gears Up For Sterilization Of Street Dogs

sterilization of street dogs

To prevent the spread of rabies in Gurgaon division, the Haryana government recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with NGO Freindicos Seca-India to start a mass anti-rabies vaccination and mass sterilization of street dogs.  NGO Freindicos Seca-India will help Haryana government with the logistics. The MoU was signed by ...

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Karnataka ANF To Get 30 Belgian Shepherds From CRPF

belgian shepherd

The Karnataka police will get a dog squad of 30 Belgian Shepherds from the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF.) These tracker dogs are being procured by the CRPF for the Karnataka Anti Naxal Force (ANF.) Currently, these dogs are being used by CRPF’s commando unit CoBras. These agile canines won’t ...

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