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Sunday , September 19 2021
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15 Funny Dogs Goofing Around

Okay, you have seen the intelligent side of dogs, how well trained they are or how well behaved they seem but what about their goofy side? Below are some GIFs, where you get to see their goofy side. Enjoy! 1. Just watch me jump! 2. I will watch this movie ...

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8 Cute Dogs With Funny Hairstyles

dogs with funny hairstyles

Fall in love with these dogs with funny hairstyles! Grace Chon, a photographer specializing in animals, recently shared a photo album captioned “HAIRY.” She beautifully captured these adorable dogs with funny hairstyles along with their expressions. She realized that people really enjoy watching before and after images, which prompted her ...

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German Shepherd vs Labrador Retriever

German Shepherd vs Labrador Retriever

Here is our version of German Shepherd vs Labrador Retriever dog breeds. Find out which one’s the best below! German Shepherd Labrador Retriever Common Name Alsatian, Alsatian Wolfdog, Berger Allemand, Deutscher Schäferhund, GSD Lab, Labrador, Labrador Retriever Origin Germany United States and Canada Description German Shepherd or Alsatian is one ...

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Top 5 Indian Dog Breeds 

List of Indian Dog Breeds with Pictures

Indian dog breeds are the most adaptive and resilient dog breeds in the world. They can withstand harsh climatic conditions and survive under almost the toughest conditions imaginable. However, very few people actually know about these Indian dog breeds and seldom have them as their pets. It’s time that we ...

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Is Your Dog Having A Fever?

dog fever symptoms

A dog’s normal body temperature fluctuates between 99.5-102.5 Fahrenheit. If the body temperature goes above 103.5 ° F (39.7° C), then it can be considered as a fever. You should note that fever is not some kind of disease; it is in itself a symptom of an underlying cause. The ...

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15 Crazy Dog Expressions Captured Underwater

We have compiled this amazing collection of underwater dog images captured by Seth Casteel, an award-winning photographer and the New York Times Best Selling Author of Underwater Dogs. He has sold over half a million copies of his work and Underwater Dogs is one of the best-selling photography books of ...

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12 Hot Hollywood Men Who Love Dogs

Ian somerhalder love dogs

So, we decided to make your day with some hot celebs showing off their cool dogs. Check our compilation of 12 Hollywood men who love dogs. 1. Leonardo Dicaprio   2. Ben Affleck   3. Hugh Jackman   4. Henry Cavill   5. Tom Hardy   6. Jake Gyllenhaal   ...

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