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Saturday , January 22 2022
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Dying street dog in India

Animal Aid Unlimited Saves Another Dying Street Dog In India

Recently, Animal Aid Unlimited saved the life of another stray dog, who was dying in the streets of India. The rescue team found her sick, lying on the side of the road.

 dying street dog

 A video shared by Animal Aid Unlimited, India shows a dog in a bad condition, she could not even stand up. Her entire body was spotted covering with sores and rashes.

sick street dog

She yelped out in pain when the volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited tried to pick her up. She was all curled up in pain.

The rescue volunteer laid down some biscuits in front of the poor pooch in the hope that she will eat. But she didn’t. They took the dog to a shelter.

Animal Aid Unlimited

In shelter, a vet team soothed her skin with anti-inflammatory medicine and tried to get back her appetite.

save dying dog

They gave her food at the shelter and she ate it. They claim that it might have been her first full meal in a long time.

Later, the dog was given a lotion treatment during her recovery process. The shelter saw her recovery until her skin was healed enough for her to take a bath.

Stray dog in India

After few days of treatment, she seemed to be recovering well. The team of Animal Aid Unlimited named her Helen.

Dying Street Dog In India

Now, Helen is back on her paws and fully-recovered. She grew all her fur back and her tail has started wagging again.

save stray dog

Watch the video of Helen’s amazing recovery

Animal Aid Unlimited – Donate

Reference: Animal Aid Unlimited

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