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Adorable Dog with Hilarious Guilty Face

Adorable Pet Dogs Making Guilty Faces

Dogs are the best thing that has ever happened to us. They love us unconditionally but sometimes, they can’t control their fantasies and try to act them out by ripping, shredding things and making a mess in the house. They do feel guilty later!

Here is a compilation of 12 dogs captured with their adorable guilty faces.

I have no idea what happened here!



Stop looking at me like that… Pretty please!



I couldn’t resist myself 🙁



Why is she mad? I was just looking for my toy and may have got carried away a little bit!



I really believe that cotton is supposed to be outside the pillow not inside…



There’s something so tasty about brand new shoes. I had to try them 🙂



I know what I did…



Ummm… Why are you looking at me like that?



I don’t care what you say, those plants attacked me first.



I know you’re mad but I am so happy that I don’t even feel guilty 😀



What magazine?



Can you really be mad at this face?


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