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Thursday , July 9 2020
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Adopting Stray Dog May Get You Property Tax Exemption

Adopting a stray dog from your locality may get you exemption in property tax or a free vehicle parking pass for parking lots in the city.

The suggestion was given by Punjab Governor and UT Administrator VP Singh Badnore during a national conference organized by the MC last year. This has now been made part of the action plan prepared by the MC and will be brought to the General House meeting on March 30 for approval.

The idea is to incentivize those who come forward to adopt stray dogs. Officials believe if this practice is followed, dogs can be taken care of properly and the number of stray dog bite cases can be brought down.

In view of the recent incidents involving an attack by ferocious pet dogs and suggestions, the House will also take a call on banning ferocious breeds of pet dogs such as rottweiler or pit bull. Several nations across the world have banned dangerous breeds of dogs to be kept as house pets. However, there is no such ban in India. In the latest 2018 census, the number of pet dogs rose to 11,056 from 9,984 in 2012. However, only 8,500 are registered with the corporation.

The agenda regarding whether to do geo-tagging of stray dogs for mapping or not will also be tabled in the House meeting for discussion.

Besides, it has also been proposed to have provision for an emergency helpline with assistance from the civic body. In the event of stray dog bite cases, there have been complaints that dispensaries do not have the required vaccines. The issue regarding the availability of rabies vaccines/serum at dispensaries will be taken up with the Health Department.

MC Commissioner KK Yadav confirmed all these issues will be tabled in the House meeting for approval.

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