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Wednesday , June 3 2020
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Shelter For Street Dogs

A Couple Runs Shelter For Street Dogs In Bengaluru

Shelter For Street Dogs!

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Recently, Volunteer For Cause group organized a “Meet the Paws” programme at SAI (Save Animals India) Shelter, Devanahalli. This shelter is run by Surya Singh and his wife. They moved to Devanahalli from Banaswadi 6 months ago and since then they have been taking care of street dogs in the area.

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“My wife and I used to feed 50 to 60 stray dogs in Banaswadi every night. Many neighbors would complain that the number of street dogs were increasing because we were feeding them, but we didn’t care at first,” said Surya.

Since the issue with people began to hinder their efforts  in helping the canines, Surya decided to leave the dogs at shelters for better care. However, he soon realized that the dogs were not being looked after well at these shelters.

“The shelters were in a very bad condition. They would feed only rice and milk to the animals… I always had a dream of starting a shelter of my own. So, I rescued 37 dogs from one of the shelters and got them here,” Surya said.

The number of strays dogs in the vicinity has increased to more than 80 due to lack of ABC programme. Many people from city help and rescue stray dogs and drop them at their shelter.

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 Surya said “It is difficult to manage. I keep posting updates on Facebook. I spend about `Rs. 70,000 to `Rs. 80,000 per month. We feed them milk, bread and biscuits in the morning and rice, vegetable or chicken around 5.30 pm.”

He encourages people to care for dogs. According to Surya, the problem is the lack of information among the people. Most of the people don’t even know that there is something called animal shelters which can actually help save a street dog’s life.

About Surya who runs a shelter for street dogs

Surya is a certified rescuer. He has taken training from Animal Welfare Board. He also buries dead animals that are found on the road.

Surya runs the shelter on public funds and the commission he earns from property dealings and selling eco-friendly water boilers.

Source: Indian Express

We need more people like Surya in our community. What do you think?

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