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Saturday , July 20 2024
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5 Pet Care Startups By Indian Women Entrepreneurs

With Pet Industry finding its roots in India, the Petcare sector in India is evolving rapidly with numerous startups coming up with solutions to meet the Indian pet care needs.

It is astonishing to note that the Indian pet care market was valued at $265 million in 2017 and is projected to grow at a 13.9% rate annually to reach $430 million by 2020.

In the startup sector, Indian women entrepreneurs are leading and raising the bar. Here are 6 women entrepreneurs who have reshaped the landscape of the Indian pet care business.

Rashi Narang, HeadsUpForTails

While technically a decade-old business, Rashi Narang started Heads Up For Tails in 2008. It has become somewhat of a household name in some major cities in India.

HUFT offers a range of pet care products including food, beds, toys, grooming accessories, and more. Currently, the startup is operating in 28 cities in India.

Shirin Merchant, Canine Can Care

Based out of Mumbai, Shirin Merchant found Canine Can Care in 1998. She is a veteran canine trainer and her company offers dog products for her clients. She also provides kenneling and training courses to dog trainers and helps them with certifications.

Anushka Iyer, Wiggles

This is the most recent introduction to the pet care market. Founded in 2018, Wiggles is created by Anushka and her father, Rajh V Iyer.

Wiggles is an online platform for pet owners and is curated by renowned veterinarians. The platform offer vets on-call service, grooming services, and pet healthcare and nutrition products.

The startup recently raised $1 million in funding. Starting from Pune, the startup has now set up a base of operations in Mumbai as well.

With the funding secured, they plan to reach out to Hyderabad and Udaipur. They want to cover the whole of India and help transform the pet healthcare sector.

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Devanshi Shah, PetKonnect

She started this company after losing her pet dog due to a critical health issue. She realized multiple gaps in the animal health care sector in India.

Out of this realization, she developed PetKonnect, an online comprehensive community for animal caregivers with a social pet network that offers important information on vets, groomers, trainers, and emergency services.

Shruthi Nithin, FLOAP

She started FLOAP (For Love Of All Pets) in 2018. An online platform that provides varied services to help pet owners take better care of their pets. A complete eCommerce and information portal to help pet parents find the right information, services, products, references, and connect with other pet owners. Currently, they secured an undisclosed amount of funding and working on revamping their website for launch.

Did we miss anyone in our list of women-lead pet care startups? Let us know!

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