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Wednesday , July 6 2022
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5 Fun Things to do With Your Dog

Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

Depending on where you live in the world, you may now be enjoying far more freedom than you have had in the last eighteen months. The pandemic meant that much of last year, and some of this was spent indoors.

Now though, millions of people are once again enjoying being able to travel and enjoy parks, and lakes. For some, that enjoyment is enhanced by bringing their puppy or dog along with them.

Getting outside for fresh air and playtime with your dog isn’t just about having fun. It is healthy too.

According to the American Kennel Club, there are scientifically-backed health benefits to owning a dog. This includes having lower blood pressure and reduced stress. 

So why not make the most of your canine best friend and spend more time together? Read on for five ways you can spend quality time with your pooch. 

5 Fun Things to do With Your Dog

1. Go and exercise together

Go and exercise together

For some people, the word exercise will bring on groans, but it can be fun, especially with your dog.

Exercising doesn’t need to mean heading to the gym for reps. It can mean involving yourself in many pleasurable activities. Of course, you could go for a run with your dog, and even take on a road race, but you could do something less intense.

Consider the following for you and your dog:

  • Swimming
  • Walking on the beach or in the countryside
  • Hiking and exploring
  • Playing together

One of the best muscle building exercises for dogs is simply playing fetch. Getting your dog to run around is great fun for them, but don’t forget to move a bit yourself. 

2. Go camping together

Go camping together

If you enjoy the great outdoors then why not pack up a tent and head off with your favorite companion?

You could go off-grid or look for a dog-friendly campsite. Choose somewhere with water where you can enjoy other activities such as fishing. If you find somewhere with a lake you could try out something quite novel.

If your dog can swim and is comfortable in water then you could go kayaking together. This may come as a surprise but you can get a dog friendly kayak and enjoy some time together on a calm lake.

Take your time, and let your dog get used to the kayak, and then practice together in shallow waters, before venturing further. 

3. Go on holiday together

Go on holiday together

If camping is too much like roughing it for you, then plan a holiday together with a few more home comforts.

Now that travel restrictions have been lifted in many regions and countries it might be time to get away for a while. Winter is coming up, but there are still plenty of places where you and your pet can enjoy.

If you want to get away soon, then look for pet-friendly destinations for the winter in your location, be it India, the USA, or Europe, there will be plenty of choices. 

4. Socialize at the park

Socialise at the park

If you yearn for more human contact, then you will find that your furry friend can be a great wingman or woman.

It is believed that people with dogs appear more trustworthy, and believe it or not, more attractive to others.

Head to the park with your cute puppy and you might find yourself making new friends surprisingly fast. Plus, your pet will get plenty of attention and enjoy themselves immensely.

Even if you don’t meet too many other people, you will still be taking part in the first activity on this list, and enjoying some exercise as you walk around together. 

5. Play games and learn tricks

Play games and learn tricks

Dogs don’t just need physical exercise, they need mental stimulation too. Dogs can suffer from stress and behavioral problems when they are bored and ignored.

Playing with your dog and teaching them tricks can help you both to spend time together, and get your pet’s brain working as well as their muscles.

Playing frisbee together is fun for both parties, and can be a bit of cardio, especially for the dog. You can also teach your pet how to roll over, play dead, give a high-five, and fetch.

Learning some simple tricks can be good for your dog. However, you should never push your dog, especially with something they are physically unprepared for. Remember, it’s supposed to be fun. 


According to Statista, of all the pets owned in India, thirty percent are dogs this makes them by far the most popular animal to own as a companion. Indeed, dog ownership in India is on the rise just as it is in the UK and the US.

The pandemic has made more dog owners than ever before in the UK, and many of these were rescued from shelters and charities. This is to be applauded, but these wonderful animals need attention and stimulation.

Following the above ideas or by incorporating your own, you will help your dog have a long and happy life, and you’ll enjoy your free time much more too.

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