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Friday , January 15 2021
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2020 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

They gave the hounds and the herders the once over at the Westminster Dog Show on Sunday. The bassets and the beagles, the collies and the corgis. Monday was showtime for the toy and nonworking groups. The Havanese and the Maltese, the Finnish Spitz and the French Bulldogs.

Each one will be groomed and pampered, allowed a few snacks and even a nap or two, and then poked and prodded and allowed to preen. On Tuesday night, the judges will have culled a field of more than 2,600 to a final seven for the finale at Madison Square Garden. The only one will be left then, for best in the show. For now, take a moment to celebrate them all.

1) Yorkshire Terriers line up to be judged in the ‘best in breed’ category

Yorkshire Terriers

2) A Bichon Frise heads to the judging area

Bichon Frise

3) A Bulldog shares a moment with its handler


4) The Azawakh breed originates from West Africa

Azawakh breed

5) The Dalmatians take to the floor


6) A Pekingese named Wasabi is judged


7) Lhasa Apsos make their entrance on the big stage

Lhasa Apsos

8) A standard poodle named Siba wins Best in Show

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