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Tuesday , February 7 2023
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10 Best Lap Dog Breeds for A Good Cuddle

10 Best Lap Dog Breeds for A Good Cuddle

If you are looking for a dog that will love to cuddle? We list the best lap dog breeds who love to cuddle and always try to climb on you. There is no doubt that puppies are pretty awesome.

They are affectionate and wonderful buddies, but like us, they have very different interests and personalities. And while there are some dogs who love to run and hunt, others are great for a good snuggle.

When we imagine a cozy, comforting lap dog, the clear image in our minds will be those small breeds, like Yorkies and Shih Tzu.

Let’s meet the cute little cuddlers of the canine world

1. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

These playful and loving dogs are known for being soft and having a good temperament. Bichon Frise breed loves attention and is not prone to much shedding. They are perfect lapdogs due to their superb small size and social skills.

Brushing them regularly to keep the coat from matting would be best. They love to cuddle, and according to numerous experienced owners, they’re amazing with children.

2. French Bulldog

One of the most famous dog breeds on our list, French bulldogs are affectionate, charming, and loyal. They also make superb watchdogs and are perfect for city living. These dogs adore cozying up and chilling out with their humans.

Celebrities also like snuggling this breed, with everyone from Rock to Lady Gaga sharing images of their favorite lap warmers. Moreover, they look unique with their wrinkled skin and short coat.

3. Affenpinscher

Affenpinschers is bred in Germany and quickly became one of Europe’s top ratting dogs. Did you ever desire to cuddle a cute Ewok? Well, the Affenpinscher makes your dreams come true.

Being energetic and small has earned the Affen the nickname “monkey dog.” So, Affenpinscher keeps you entertained, whether traveling or at home.

4. Brussels Griffon 

Brussels Griffon 2

Brussels Griffons can be outlined back to the era in Belgium, and the purpose of this breed was to keep the stables free of rats. But thanks to their loving nature, they grew into lapdogs. It’s very easy to get along with the Griffons, but they tend to adhere to one family member.

That person will become lifelong friends and can even throw a temper to require attention. Moreover, some Griffons love to eat, while on the other hand, others can be picky eaters. They can be playful, active, and willing to spend an afternoon in your lap.

5. Chihuahua


This dog breed loves to explore and makes a great lap dog. Chihuahuas make ideal apartment dwellers since they get most of the exercise their tiny bodies need indoors! However, they are loyal to one or two people and may need more patience for a home with small children.

Also, this lap dog tends to shiver. It might be due to a cold or when they feel scared. So wrap them in a warm blanket or hug them close to your body.

6. Pomeranian

Pomeranian Dog

Pomeranians are small dogs that are super cute but also very obedient and smart. Though active and intelligent, they don’t require much exercise to wear them out, so they’re always on-call to cuddle up in your lap. Moreover, they love to cuddle with their family and need plenty of grooming.

7. Pekingese


These lovely toy-sized dogs historically were the lapdogs of majesty! Among the world’s oldest breeds, Pekingese dogs are currently best known as the best companions and lap dogs.

However, their cuddly, kind personality also makes them excellent therapy dogs. Moreover, Pekes need plenty of grooming as they have long, flowing coats. These breeds love to eat and put on weight very quickly.

8. Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniel 7

Tibetan Spaniels originated from the mountains of Tibet, serving as top watchdogs for Buddhist monks. They are considered “comforter dogs.” When a Tibetan Spaniel climbs up your furniture, it is to find a vantage point.

Sometimes they will keep watch from the comfort of your lap. From there, they keep an eye on everyone and everything, making them feel needed in the family.

9. Pug


Pug is a sweet breed that is all about naps and hugs, and you will love that lovely time, too, as they are small and loving and amazing at snuggling. Do you want a dog packed with affection and plenty of silly quirks?

Pugs may be your cup of tea – specifically when it comes to snuggling. This breed is the perfect partner for cozy naps and peaceful evenings on the couch. Pugs were made for the lap dog job.

10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

popularity and history of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

With flowing, sweet, and affectionate eyes, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have brains and beauty. While they were hunting partners, they were now attractive lap dogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breed is not afraid of a bit of exercise; they are still sweet and tiny babies that love a good cuddle. Moreover, according to breed fans, they also love cozying up to children and other animals.

There are several reasons why lap dogs enjoy sitting on your lap. Their cuddly, kind nature also makes them wonderful therapy dogs, and their lower-level energy means you won’t have to budge from the couch to spend time with them. So check out the list and get the best lap dog for cuddling.

Swati Kaushal is a blogger who loves writing about Dogs. She is happy to amplify her unique knowledge and experience through DogExpress in the hope of helping and educating concerned pet owners. She has two dogs and believes dogs are a source of unconditional love.
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