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Brussels Griffon

Fragile little purse dog!

Country of Origin: Belgium

Dog Group: Toy dog breeds

Origin of Name: The Brussels Griffon, named for the Belgian city of its origin, is a sturdy and lively little fellow originally bred to be a ratter in stables where horse-drawn carriages were kept. Also known as the Bruss, the Griff, the Griffon Belge, the Stable Griffon, the Griffon d’Ecurie, the Griffon Bruxellois and the Petit Brabancon, this breed is highly intelligent and delightful to be around.


A bit Low

Monthly keeping cost




Tendency to Bark:

Very High

Breed Info

Life span: 12 to 15 years

Availability: Rare

About Brussels Griffon:
"Monkey face" is a term often used to describe the appealing Brussels Griffon. This small, sturdy dog has an intelligent and lively look that's almost human in expression.

During the early 1800s, coachmen in Belgium kept small, wire-haired terrier-type dogs to manage the rodent population in their carriage stables. They were then known as “griffons d’ecurie”, which translates to “wire-coated stable dogs.

In the 1870s, this breed became a favorite of the Belgian queen, Henrietta Maria, which gave them royal patronage and elevated their social status. Brussels Griffons were the darlings of the Belgian elite, and efforts were undertaken to breed them to become even more exaggerated in appearance, with flatter faces and smaller stature.

The American Brussels Griffon Association was founded in 1945. The breed standard was approved by the AKC in 1960, after it went through several revisions. The parent club was accepted for AKC membership in 1982. The American Kennel Club is the only large all breed registry that recognizes only the Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon is a small purebred known for being alert, out-going, and playful. The most common colors for Brussels Griffons are black, black and tan, blue, brown, and red. To keep it healthy, it will need to get exercise regularly.


Visits to Groomer-Medium



Tolerance to heat- Get a heatstroke

Tolerance to cold- Need warmth

Exercise Requirement-Lots

Hair & Coat

Under Coat-Yes

Colour- Black, Red, Belge, Blue, Brown, Black & Tan

Coat Type-Silky or wooly

Hair Length-Flowing

Hair Density-Dense


Griffons are generally healthy, but like all breeds, they're prone to certain health conditions. Not all Griffons will get any or all of these diseases, but it's important to be aware of them if you're considering this breed.

Hip Dysplasia

Patella Luxation

Eye Problems

Skin Allergies


The spunky Brussels griffon is full of himself, brimming with self-confidence and gusto. He is bold, playful, stubborn and mischievous. He is usually good with other dogs and pets. He tends to bark and climb, and some Brussels griffons can be escape artists. This breed makes a saucy companion for a family wanting an entertaining, sensitive pet.

Training & Intelligence
Training will be difficult, which might not be suitable for a first time dog owner. Patience and perseverance are required to adequately train it. Professional obedience schools can also be helpful. Brussels Griffons need early socialization exposure to many different people, sights, sounds, and experiences when they're young.

Litter Size- 1 to 3 puppies (approximately)

Complication in Breeding-No

Brussels Griffon are healthy and sturdy breed . Generally a dog takes around 18 months to reach his or her full height and structure. It is advisable to breed your dogs after at least two years of age. If you are a first timer at breeding then taking a vets help.

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