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Sunday , August 14 2022
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Why Should You Attend Dog Events in 2021-2022 In The US?

For a dog lover or owner, nothing beats the excitement and happiness of attending a Dog event. It’s not only you who enjoys it but your pet as well. It is the time when your dog gets to meet different cute dogs and mingle with them. These events are fun with a lot of benefits.

Lately, many dog events have started happening across the US, considering the interest and demand of the people. In addition, many dog events that couldn’t happen in 2020 are now being planned for 2021 and 2022.

Benefits of Attending a Dog Event:

As we mentioned, dog events are good for you and your cute dogs. So let’s dive into the benefits of attending a dog event with your dogs.

  • It’s an excellent opportunity to expose the talent and smartness of your dog.
  • It aids in helping the dog to mingle with other dogs hence helping them socialize.
  • You get to meet different dog lovers and dog owners.
  • You get an opportunity to keep updated about the latest trends and news about dogs.
  • You can purchase some fantastic products specially crafted for dogs.
  • Mainly, dog events are organized as a part of charity; hence you get a chance to support them.
  • It helps to keep you happy and stress-free.

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How to Be a Part of Dog Event?

How to Be a Part of Dog Event - DogExpress

When it comes to dog events, the best part is that you have so many opportunities to get involved in it without much difficulty. It can offer you many options as well.

  • Do some charity! Many dog shows are organized as a part of a charity. So you can contribute to become a part of it and have fun in the process.
  • One of the main aims of the dog events is to provide an opportunity to the dogs to show their talents – you may train your dogs to compete in different competitions or shows.
  • If you run a business related to dog supplies, you may prefer setting up a stall which will be way more beneficial for your business.

Some Dog Events You Must Attend In The USA

Some of the most awaited dog events of 2021-2022 are listed below:

Date Event name City and Event Center
11.09.2021 Pet Adoption Extravaganza 2021 Belton, Bell County Expo Center
18.09.2021 Fredericksburg Pet Show 2021 Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg Expo and Conference Center
02.10.2021 Fall Fiber Festival & Montpelier Sheep Dog Trials 2021 Montpelier Station, Fall Fiber Festival
02.10.2021 Winnebago Pet Expo 2021 Oshkosh, Sunnyview Expo Center
23.10.2021 Great Indy Pet Expo 2021 Indianapolis, Indiana State Fairgrounds
23.03.2022 Global Pet Expo 2021 Orlando, Orlando Orange County Convention Center (OCCC)
30.04.2022 KW Pet Expo 2022 Kitchener, Kitchener Memorial Auditorium
14.05.2022 Idaho Family Pet Expo 2022 Boise, Expo Idaho

15 unique dog events in the US that happen every year:

  1. Paces for Paws, ME – May 26
  2. Clarence Bark in the Park, NY – May 26
  3. Bark in the Park, CA – May 27
  4. Woofstock, NY – June 2
  5. PAWS Chicago 5K Walk-Run, IL – June 3
  6. 6th Annual Hops and Harley, CO – June 23
  7. Summer Fest, CA – June 24
  8. Dancing with the Dogs Prom, IL – June 30
  9. July 4th Pet Parade & Old Fashioned Festival, OR – July 4
  10. Christmas in July – Dog Park on Ice, FL – July 12
  11. 2nd Annual Summer Dog Barket at Ink Lounge, CO – July 14
  12. 11th Annual Pooch Party Stroll & Splash, ID – August 25
  13. Somerville Dog Festival, MA – September 9
  14. Dog Day Festival, TN – September 15
  15. Bark in the Park 2018, CA – September 15

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Here are some more global ones:

  • Paws In The Park: Hosts the dog events, one in May and the other in September. One of the best in town with various shows and activities.
  • PATS: The event is conducted in March. This is one of the top pet trade shows.
  • Discover Dogs: This is a fantastic dog event where you get to meet different breeds. Various shows exhibiting the skills of the dogs are organized as a part of this event. This event usually happens in October.
  • Crufts: It is one of the most famous and loved Dogs events. It’s the biggest dog show globally with thousands of stalls, various shows by dogs, and an opportunity to win a prize, Winner of Crufts.

Haven’t you yet planned for the upcoming Dog Events? Hurry up, start training your dog today and let your pet surprise the other dogs and their owners.

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