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Thursday , September 29 2022
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Why Exercise Is Important for A Border Collie

Why Exercise Is Important for A Border Collie

Every dog owner understands that daily exercise is essential for their furry friends. Larger working dogs need the most physical activity. So, what about the Border Collie?

Playful and intelligent, border collies are great companions for those who like active lifestyles. If you know this breed, you know how active these dogs are.

Moreover, they can become restless when they have not been active enough. You must prioritize exercise if you are thinking about adding these energetic dogs to your family.

World’s top herding dog

Border Collies were bred for roles that needed great energy and intense stamina. However, they are so exemplary at their jobs that they are recognized as one of the best herding dogs in the world.

It’s not unusual for herding dogs to need a lot of exercise. Herding is the act of moving animals around by barking, running, and biting at them. Doing this for long periods needs a lot of energy.

Border Collies are known to herd sheep for around 50 miles daily tirelessly. Border Collie’s job is to chase sheep and bring them back.

Border Collies have a great “workaholic mentality”

Border Collies are ranked number 1 for working dog intelligence and obedience. His intelligence test is based on dog obedience and how fast a dog learns commands.

They grab things very fast and have a sharp mind to learn things. Moreover, they are so energetic that you can go with them for a long walk.

They need to boost their bodies and minds with real work. Fortunately, they may interpret a “daily routine” of activities as a dedicated job.

Border Collie

Best Exercises for Border Collies

There are several to choose from when exercising your Border Collie. However, it won’t be a simple stroll through the park. These dogs require at least some high constancy exercises in their life.

#1 Walking & Running

Walking and running is the most prevalent form of exercise for any canine. It’s suitable, quick, and healthy for the dog and the owner. Moreover, Border Collies adore nothing more than exploring the outside world.

To test their endurance for canines, you can start with shorter running exercises. Then, you can raise the duration based on how comfy they are on runs. Moreover, you can use a hands-free leash when running with a Border Collie.

#2 Outdoor Hiking

Outdoor hiking is amazing because it provides physical and mental stimulation. You are helping stimulate your dog’s minds by providing them with an enriched environment having pleasant scents.

Dogs will find a surfeit of new scents daily when they walk. Combine this with the capability to get a good workout, and it’s an excellent Border Collie activity.

If you are not living in the mountain and you can’t take your dog hiking daily, in that case, take them for a long walk in the parks.

#3 Swimming

Swimming is a favorite choice among high-energy herding dogs. Border Collies are no exception if raised with the proper practice and guidance.

Introducing them slowly to the water is the key to training your dog to swim. You can start with the kiddie pool or bathtub, then gradually transition to a swimming pool.

Moreover, ensure to buy the appropriate equipment when starting. It will increase your Border Collie’s confidence.

It is essential to check whether your dog is comfortable or not because not all dogs like to swim. Comfort and safety must always be prioritized.

#4 Agility Training

Agility training refers to the dog’s capacity to run, stop and switch directions fast. Border Collies are inherently agile dogs, making this ideal for them.

In addition, agility training is an excellent activity for many Border Collies to channel the dog’s work ethic and frustration towards something. You only need the proper equipment and a large backyard for this exercise.


#5 Herding Trials

Herding was what Border Collies were born for. What’s more important is that herding burns a lot of energy. So you can complete your dog’s exercise needs through herding.

Moreover, consider the cost if you want to try this exercise for your dogs. Although costs may change, it’s not going to be reasonable to put your dog through constant herding trials.

#6 Dog Games

Border Collie has many games to play, and they will enjoy all the games if you are involved with them. There are many options to choose from.

The Fetch game is the most prominent option. If you have a pet, you know that your dog loved nothing more than his ball. He would get the ball to anyone, expecting they would throw it.

Treibball or Push ball is another fun game for your border collie; it combines problem-solving and physical activity. Herding balls are the most suitable toys for border collies because they satisfy the natural desire to herd.

You can choose other energetic games that your dog loves to play. These games will help them to build confidence and feel energetic.

border collie


There are a few things that you should consider for your Border Collie dog

  • Make sure your dog gets daily walks with some high constancy exercises.
  • Start slow and build up their endurance to avoid unnecessary injuries.
  • Give some variety in the exercise. It will keep them mentally boosted and entertained.
  • Always ensure that you have water when taking your Border Collie out for physical exercises and games.

Border collies are excellent dogs for multiple reasons, but they are not well-suited to all houses. The reason is that they do not respond well to being left alone for many hours or need long walks.

The activity conditions may differ depending on how old your Border Collie is when you bring the puppy home. However, it is obvious that younger dogs have more energy compared to adopting senior dogs.

Moreover, as a reliable dog owner, you must consider all the above. Although, meeting an enthusiastic dog’s exercise needs is the key to a happy dog.

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