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Thursday , December 8 2022
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The List Of Large Breed Dogs Suitable For Children

Best Large Breed Dogs Suitable For Children

You may get tempted to own a large breed dog since you think that it will add gravity to your lifestyle. However, when you have little kids in your abode, you need to be cautious enough while making a choice.

You may also have doubts about whether to go for the bigger breed of dog or not. If the situation is described in the above scenario, you have to go through this article minutely.

With their calm nature and a large proportion, large dog breeds are the perfect and favorable choice for the family. Regardless of size, major large dog breeds enjoy and prefer human company too, or you can say they like to stay in the family environment.

Despite their scary size, they are gentle, especially with their family members. But for this, you have to train them properly. They play a significant role in the family, such as protecting your family as a guard dog, acting as hiking friends or outings companions, and always being loyal companions.

But, their regular expenses can be pretty expensive. So before bringing them to your home, you should estimate the expenses regarding larger dog breeds.

Large Breed Dogs

For large breeds, you need to invest in other things than money, such as time, energy, and an area for their upbringing. If you think you can afford all this, they are the best fit for your family and kids.

As every dog is different from each other, it is imperative to train and socialize them properly. It helps them to improve their temperament and nature toward their family members.

Teach your child not to create nuisance around the dog and be respectful to them. Sometimes, most well-behaved dogs react. It is mainly due to unnecessary irritation created by the rough and noisy child.

Below are the names and descriptions of fourteen large breeds of dogs that you can bring to your home for your family and kids.

14 Top Large Dogs for Your Family


Poodle (Standard) Pose

Poodles are the fashion diva of the dog world. They are intelligent and learn commands quite quickly. They are easy to train. They can adapt to any situation.


Source: Wikipedia

Collie dogs are well-known for their gentle behavior towards kids. These dogs are agile, intelligent, loyal, brilliant, and seek companionship. Hence, this breed requires lots of exercise.

Border collie


Border Collie breed is high on energy level and prone to hard work continuously. So the best way to win their heart is to provide some physical activity for them all the time. If you provide such a thing to them, you’ll become their favorite.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

The golden retrievers are the favorite dog of the family. They are fun-loving extroverts that attract everybody around. Hence, you can train them with ease. They prefer outdoor games like swimming, walking, playing in the park, and hiking. It’s the best buddy for outdoor activity.



They are called sprinters of the dog world. Greyhounds are agile, full of fun, gentle, and good in temperament. Greyhounds are best for any activity outside of your home.


Labrador Retriever Dog Breed Information

The charm of a Labrador is somewhat irresistible. They are the most handsome in their world and are good friends, loyal in nature, full of devotion to family, and always anxious to satisfy you. They are high on the spirit of any worker, especially friendly to the kid.



Dalmatians are known for their skin texture. A black spot over white skin is their trademark. They are attentive and cautious to an unknown person making them one fantastic watchdog. They are also caring for their family members.

Irish setter

Irish setter

Irish setters have a sporty appearance with a red color coat. The long and cylindrical athletic body this breed possess makes the breed one of the sporty dog breeds in the dog world. They like to make friends. The breed is a child from the inside and extroverts in nature.


Malamutes and Siberian Huskies

Malamute originated from Alaska. They are fun-loving and friendly. However, they need training and daily grooming for their coat maintenance.

Great Dane


Despite their size, Great Danes are quite gentle and loving to their owners. These dogs are the sweetest but fearsome protectors of their families. It makes them one of the best family dogs. Though they are well aware of your kid’s needs, some training to behave towards them becomes essential.



Newfoundland dog breed is friendly and gentle to people. They can turn out to be your best companion dog ever. Due to their companionship towards children, they are named “nannies. “


surprising Doberman facts

A Doberman is a favorite for its athletic build. They are highly agile and full of intelligence. They are the favorite of the k9 squad of the army and police. Proper socialization and training can make them good family dogs.



Boxer dog breed is bright and full of energy. These dogs prefer challenges of different types and exercises. They are more tolerant towards family members but opposite towards strangers.

Siberian husky


The Siberian husky is well known for its lush and beautiful coat and eyes. They like to stay in packs, so it is easier for these dogs to socialize with family. However, they are low in the watchdog category and prefer low activity.


If you consider the safest choices in dog breeds, you can consider labs. Labrador retrievers and golden retrievers are the best breeds you can choose for your family and kids. They are a joy to be with. Children love them, and their companionship has thrived over the years.

For over three decades, the retrievers have happened to be the most popular breed in the United States. Kid-friendly, joyful, and lovable, these dogs are fun to be with. They are gentle around kids and other animals in general.

Apart from labs, Border Collie and Irish Setter are other popular choices. Calm, lovable, and adorable, their calm dog breeds are the right fit for couples, families, or singles.

Remember, these exuberant breeds require some serious workouts every day.

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