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Friday , August 7 2020
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Irish Setter

The perfect companion to the active family!

Country of Origin: Ireland

Dog Group: Gundog

Origin of Name: As the name suggest the Irish setter gets its name from the place where it was bred; Ireland. This exquisite red breed was developed by the Irish hunters.


A bit high

Monthly keeping cost




Tendency to Bark:

Very Less

Breed Info

Life Span-13 to 14 years


About Irish Setter: When you get an Irish Setter home remember that you share your pet with the White House residents, these breed gained prominence under the reign of President Truman and President Nixon who were both proud owners of an Irish Setter. They have grown to prominence ever since then in the United States.

This is one of the most boisterous breed around that loves to run and play. Many proud owners would say that these happy go lucky dogs thrive on physical exercise. If you want to be the proud parent to this breed and do not like to exercise then it is advisable to not even consider bringing home an Irish Setter as they are not for the couch potatoes.

The most appealing feature of the Irish Setter is its deep mahogany color that catches light with every sprint or leap he takes. This unique dog helps the hunter to find birds, points towards it and even retrieves it.

The Setter dog finds reference in history as early as 1570 under the literature Caius’s De Canibus Britannicus. It is widely assumed that the Irish Setter came into prominence in the early18th century. They were developed by inter-breeding the Setter, Irish Water Spaniel, English Setter, Pointer and the Gordon Setter.

The most unique feature of the Irish Setter is its zig zag pattern of running. The Irish Setter is a majestic looking breed that has abundance of energy and has a need to please people, they attach themselves easily with one person or the family and can develop separation anxiety at times. They like to stay near to its family.

This breed is recognized worldwide with its dark mahogany or red oak color and is one of those few breeds in the world that come just in one coat color setting them apart from other breeds.


Visits to Groomer-High



Tolerance to heat-Get a heatstroke

Tolerance to cold- loves snow

Exercise Requirement- Lots

Hair & Coat

Under Coat-No


Coat Type-Smooth and feathered

Hair Length-Flowing

Hair Density- Dense


Irish Setter are prone to various health issues when compared to other breeds. Some of the common health realted problems are :-



metabolic disorders

infectious diseases

Progressive Retinal Atrophy


Red Setter is a happy go lucky dog that just loves human company. So this breed will do well with almost everyone. This will include household pets, small animals and even strangers. So do not be surprised if he or she is wagging its tails for strangers as well. They are not the right breed for guarding activities.

Excellent therapy dog.

loving family pet

Amazing with children and family

Training & Intelligence
The Irish Setter is an intelligent dog that is smart and an independent thinker .This is a trainable dog the only thing that you will need is patience, the phrase patience is virtue is tested with this breed. This Setter will need a patient and gentle trainer and you can train him to do almost anything.

The best thing about an Irish Setter is that it loves to work and make its owners happy, this makes training comparatively easy for the owner. The best way to train him or her will be to make the training sessions funs and include lot praise and treats in it.

Training should start early with this pet, so start the day you get this Setter home.

Litter Size-6 to 9 puppies (approximately)

Complication in Breeding-No

The average litter size for your Irish Setter is between six to eight puppies per litter. If you are mating your dogs for the first time then you will need the help of a vet or someone who has an experience with this. You can meanwhile look forward to the company of the adorable puppies.

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