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Saturday , August 13 2022
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Training your dog

Training Your Dog to Come to You at the Park: 5 Tips You’ll Need

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It is crucial that your dog learns commands from his or her master. In fact, it may save you and your dog’s life with just a simple word, “come.”

It may be a simple term, yet it is challenging to teach your fur friend. When you correctly teach them recall, it can keep your dog from eating something hazardous.

Also, it can help them from getting attacked by another dog or wild animals, and run into the street.

Tips to Follow to Train Your Dog to Come at the Park

Here are some of the tips and tricks to follow:

#1: Using high-value rewards that require positive reinforcement

Give treat to your dog

Reinforcement is always necessary for your dogs to obey commands. You may begin your training using high-value treats that your fur friends may not have on a day-to-day basis.

You may give them a beef jerky, a hotdog bit, or dry dog food if possible. These can be stinky, but they are motivating and tasty for your dogs.

You may call the attention of your dog using a preferred command. Then, directly offer the treat when the dog comes to you. You should start with a short distance. Then, gradually increase it.

#2: Providing a non-food reward

One of the most efficient ways to make the experience fun and unforgettable for your dogs is to ensure that there is a reward always.

However, the prize should not be food. Let them know that when you get his or her leash, this means that you are going for a walk. Ask them to come and if they obey you, then get the leash out.

Even if he or she fails to obey directly, he or she will soon link “come” to great rewards such as the ball or leash. You may also verbally praise your dog and pet him or her after obeying your command. It may work smoothly, especially if you do your commands efficiently.

You can also use treats, walks, meals, and toys to back up the “come” command. They may associate this as something fun and enjoyable.

#3: Beginning slowly and work your way up

Just like you do not expect your 3-year old kid to go to Grade School, you do not also expect your dog to jump from one phase to another. There are levels of obedience when it comes to training your dogs. So, you do not expect them to obey you right away.

What you can do is build your way up slowly and get your dog to “come” to you. You may start the process inside your house. Then, you can move to the park where there are a lot of distractions.

#4: Making the experience fun (Do not punish your dog)

Try to imagine that you are enjoying a morning at the park, but you know it’s time to leave. You tell your dog to “come” near you and suddenly put him on his or her leash.

It is something that they do not like. That’s why they often fail to “come” to you. It may be an example of punishment for obeying commands.

Other examples include getting groomed, having bath time, and offering medicine. So, make sure not to use commands to call his or her attention when you know that your dog will not like it.

#5: Using “Come” or “Here” instead of your dog’s name

You may typically call out your dog’s name when you want to make sure he or she is not in trouble. When inside your house, you do not necessarily ask your dog to “come” to you, you just call out your dog’s name.

When you use their names to get their attention, you fail to command them what to do. So, it may not be an excellent way to train your dog. You may need to use “here” or “come” to ensure that your dog will follow you.

The bottom line

Before you expose your fur friend at the park, you should teach them to “come” to you when you ask them. Make sure that he or she obeys you when you call his or her attention. Also, you should take some time and be patient enough to train him to follow you in your house and at the park.

As the owner, you should start positive, stay consistent, and use reinforcement when your dog follows your command. After a few tries, you will see results slowly but surely!

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