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Friday , August 14 2020
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Tips To Avoid A Dog Attack

It can be extremely scary when you’re being charged by a dog. Dogs usually strike people out for a walk or jog. So, how would you protect yourself from a dog charging you, chasing and attacking you?

It is important to have a plan in mind if you encounter such a situation. Here are some tips on how you can avoid a dog attack or prevent a situation where you get bit by a dog.

1. If you are walking by and see someone walking their leashed dog, try to keep a distance from the dog.

2. If you want to approach a pet dog, ask the owner for permission to pet or approach the dog.

3. Dog owners color-code their dog’s collar based on their behavioral pattern. Red collars are mostly for unapproachable dogs. They may also have a note on dog collar whether you should be cautious approaching the dog and whether the dog is nervous, blind, deaf, a working dog, etc.

4. Try to maintain distance from a stray dog that is barking, growling, snarling, eating or nursing her puppies.

5. Have an alternate route planned in mind, in case you notice a pack of dogs ahead of you. Be aware of the situation and alert for dogs that you may cross path with.

6. Understand the signs of aggression from a dog. Stay clear of dogs that are growling, have a raised tail, snarling at you with a rigid body, etc. There are some other signs that you need to look out for as well, such as anxious dogs licking lips, cowering, tail tucking, etc., these are signs of an anxious dog that may attack you to protect itself.

7. Never stare directly into a stray dog’s eyes. They may consider it as a sign of aggression. Looking away from a dog’s eyes give them the impression that you are not challenging them.

8. Pass a stray dog sideways, it presents less threat to a dog approaching you.

9. Never run if a dog is approaching you. Dogs will chase you down. Instead, find a higher place to avoid contact.

10. Try to put an object between you and the dog, a park bench, tree, lamp post, etc. and break eye contact. But be aware of the dog’s presence around you.

11. Sit down and cover your neck and head with your arms. The dog will not consider you as a threat. Slowly withdraw and move at a slow pace to step away from the dog’s territory.

12. Talk to the dog in a low, soft tone. Asking it to calm down.

13. Carry a pepper spray or taser with you. Some cities have local laws that allow you to carry a pepper spray, stun gun or taser. Only use this as a last resort and if you see the dog not backing down after you’ve taken all the precautions.

15. If a dog keeps charging at you, put something in between you and the dog’s mouth, it could be an umbrella, stick, any packet you’re carrying or your jacket.

Have your ever been charged by a dog? Share your experiences with us!

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