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Tuesday , October 19 2021
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Pets Safe And Happy This Diwali

Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe And Happy This Diwali

Diwali is almost here! The festival of lights where people light candles and earthen lamps, eat and distribute sweets, paint rangolis, and bust crackers. However, bursting crackers is what causes trouble to a lot of people and animals.

This Diwali let’s try to employ a few changes in our homes and attitude toward the festival and think about our furry friends. Let’s make this Diwali crackers and pollution free. Here are some tips to keep your pets safe and happy this Diwali!

1. Protect their eyes


Diwali is quite a bright festival for all of us, it can be very uncomfortable for our pet’s eyes. The lights, diyas, candles and anything too bright can make them anxious. So, make sure that all rooms are heavily curtained. However, try not to lock them up alone in a room for too long, as this will only increase their stress. Try to make them feel comfortable at home.

2. Protect their ears


Remember that dogs hearing are many times stronger and sharper than humans. Loud cracker bursting sounds can damage their ear drums heavily. Try to soundproof a room in your house to dampen the loud cracker sounds. Make sure they have plenty of food, water and toys to distract them in the room. You can mask the sounds of crackers by playing music in the room as well. Also, make sure that the dog has its potty run before all the festivities start.

3. Protect their nose


A dog’s nose is incredibly sensitive and the pollution from bursting crackers can cause breathing problems in the dogs. If you have an air purifier at home, it can help keep the air clean at home or else try to keep a vet’s number handy, in case the dog starts to develop any breathing difficulties. There are dog masks as well that can help in a situation like this.

4. Protect their fur and skin


There will be a lot of fire around from diyas, candles, firecrackers etc. Keep your dog on leash; don’t let them go too close to any open fire source. A dog’s coat is highly flammable, so protect it by trimming it down during this festive season, especially towards tail areas. If possible, try keeping them away from any open fire source around the house or in the street.

5. Keep a first aid kit handy

This is very important as you can never be hundred percent sure about your dog’s safety. It is better to be prepared for any injury. So, keep a first aid kit handy. Talk to your vet for emergency procedures that can be done in case of a mishap. Your vet can also prescribe anti-anxiety medications or sedatives in advance to keep your pet calm during the festivities.

6. Lastly, for Street Dogs!

1. Don’t scare them with crackers

Do not let anyone in your locality throw lit crackers at or towards them.

2. Provide them food

Keep a bowl of water and food ready for them outside your house.

3. Provide them shelter

Open your basement or parking area for them for the night.

Teach your children about taking care of dogs and not to engage in mischievous activities that can harm street dogs. Let’s make this Diwali enjoyable for every human and animal on the planet.

Stop burning crackers and save the environment as well!

Dog Helpline numbers during Diwali:

Street animals contact number

NCR contact no

Chandigarh Tri-City Region

Chandigarh tricity


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