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Study Proves that Our Dogs Really do Love Us!

Using special heart rate tracking collars on four different pooches, they discovered how dogs’ heart rates are affected when their owners cuddle and tell them they love them, as well as revealing five unique ways in which dogs tell you they love you.

Combining the heart rate tracking data from the four dogs over seven days, their average heart rate was 67bpm. However, when their owners told their four-legged friends they loved them, their heart rate jumped by a huge 46% to 98bpm, which shows how excited and happy they were when told they were loved! Cute, right?

In comparison, when having cuddles with their owner, the average heart rate decreased by 23% from 67bpm to 52bpm, showing how relaxed and comfortable they were when getting affection from their owners.

Owners’ heart rates increased by 10% on average when they saw their dog after being away from them for a period of time. Although not as excitable as our pets, it’s still clear how much we truly love our pooches!

Source: ITV

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