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Sunday , September 20 2020
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Stray dogs in Taj Mahal

Stray Dogs Stroll Inside Taj Mahal And Scare Tourists Away

Agra has been battling through bovine and simian threats since last 5 years. But in recent times, it seems that the canine threat has taken precedence over. With the city overflowing with increasing stray dog population, the stray dog bites cases have increased drastically as well.

With Agra being one of the most visited places in the world for Taj Mahal, it sees over 8 Million tourists visiting the city on an annual basis. While city people are welcoming, Agra’s stray dogs are not as much for the tourists visiting the city.

There have been over 2000 cases reported where stray dogs have bitten the tourists around the Taj Mahal area and nearby Fatehpur Sikri complex.

Recently, stray dogs made their way inside Taj Mahal and caused problems for the tourists and the staff. A video of stray dogs taking a stroll inside Taj lawns went viral over social media. The video garnered a lot of criticism from local people and netizens across India.

The news comes at a time when there are over 150 dog bites cases reported in the city on a daily basis. Tourism Guild Association secretary, Rajiv Saxena blamed the officials for stray dogs inside the Taj premises. He further said,

“I am deeply hurt, as the symbol and icon of the Indian tourism is being allowed to be thronged by dogs.”

 “It is also the matter of tourists’ safety, who spend huge amount of money to see the world heritage monument,” said Sandip Arora, a hotelier in Taj Ganj.

Previously there have been reports of tourists being bitten by Simians inside the monument and now stray dogs are scaring the tourists away.

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