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Saturday , January 23 2021
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Stray Dog Fights Fierce Battle with Lioness in Viral Video

A video of a dog fighting with a lioness in a forest is doing the rounds of the internet and has gone viral on social media. Read that again if it sounds difficult to believe but it is actually true.

Parveen Kaswan of the Indian Forest Services shared the nearly-two-minute clip on Twitter and it has been viewed over 20,000 times within an hour of being made available online.

What Did Parveen Kaswan Post On Twitter?

In the short clip that Parveen Kaswan shared, a stray dog approached a lioness without batting an eyelid as a fierce battle ensued in the forest. The dog and the lioness continued their brawl for a while as the former bark. After a few moments though, the dog backed out and retreated from the spot.

Tourists on a safari jeep, meanwhile, witnessed the incident from a distance.

“Need this much confidence in life. Dog vs Lion. It also highlights the issue of stray dogs and wildlife interaction. Lion just used as indicative. It’s a lioness to be precise,” Parveen Kaswan said in the caption of his post.

How Did the Internet React to the Video?

Parveen Kaswan’s video has garnered thousands of likes and retweets already as netizens shared their opinions in the comments section.

“Apt example of size doesn’t matter. What matters at the end of the day is your confidence,” a user said.

Another comment reads,” Looks like they weren’t looking for food or else he would have become their lunch.”

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Source: Indiatoday

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