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Saturday , September 26 2020
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Shimla in Fear After Leopard Kills Dog

In some areas of Shimla, residents are living in the fear of a leopard, which was spotted in two areas of Himachal Pradesh’s state capital.

After suntset, an eerie silence has started to descend on residential localities of Shimla located along with forest areas, especially after the big cat killed a dog in Bhattakufar locality.

A video of the leopard dragging away the dog from Cemetery Gate in Bhattakufar has already gone viral. Shimla MC former councilor Narender Neetu said a local captured the incident on his mobile phone.

This is not the first time a leopard has been seen roaming in residential areas. Earlier, a leopard was spotted outside a house in Ramnagar. People are asking the forest department to set up cages to captures these leopards.

Shimla divisional forest officer (wildlife) Rajesh Sharma aid the leopard had been targetting dogs only. “So far, the leopard has been spotted in Ramnagar and Bhattakufar. A cage has been set up at Ramnagar to catch the leopard and another cage would be set up in Bhattakufar on Sunday.”

Source: The Time Of India

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