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PetFed Delhi 2015

India’s biggest pet convention was held in Delhi on 13th December, 2015, Garden of Five Senses from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. for all dog lovers and their furry friends. The event was full of joy and love. It included different activities like Kung-fu panda game, pup cake baking competition, Scooby-do murder mystery, puppy-therapy, doggy fashion show, adoption camps, acoustic performance, karaoke and much more.


It was organized by Mydea Ventures Private ltd. to share, celebrate and generate the love and passion for the animals. The NGO’s hosted several stalls and booths that were dedicated to selling merchandise and pet care. There were pet friendly rides where the dogs were swinging and sliding with glee, some were enjoying grooming sessions and free makeover and some were busy in doing shopping with their human parents. Some also received free vet check –ups.

Free grooming sessions for dogs


Free vet check-ups


Pet clothing stalls


Everyone found to be enjoying the moment, no pet lover wanted to miss this magical event that engrossed people with so much love and happiness. Small puppies were found engaged in different activities, check the images below that reveals the happiness of the dogs and the dog owners.

She likes to listen to music with one ear


She wants to be picked up


Dog loves dancing


Every pet was treated like a celebrity at Pet Fed. Here’s how they socialized



The most amazing thing was the costumes and the attires of the cute pooches. They were looking adorable and all credit goes to pet owners. The event provided a platform to the dog lovers who could spot the rarest breeds from Shih tzu to Husky.




Many of the pooches participated in the ramp show and prizes were given to the best performers. Some awesome stalls were selling custom made cup-cakes and cakes especially baked for the occasion.

Doggy cup-cakes



A cup-cakes stall


Here are some amazing paintings by the dog owners that revealed the artistic side of their love towards their pets.


No.17 No.15


As you can see from the above images that the convention was a huge success. A special thanks to those who adopted puppies and other pets during this convention. You people made this day more amazing!


Here’s how the pets signed off with their Paw signature. An image to cherish for sure 🙂


Image credits and source – HTMTNT

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