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Saturday , September 26 2020
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Man takes Off Sweater to Cover Dog at Bus Stop.

A small act of kindness can make a big difference – we have all heard this phrase, but once in a while, some people prove how much this means. One such video, which recently surfaced on the internet, proves just the same.

The aforementioned clip was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda and it shows a man removing his sweater vest to give it to a dog, who was shivering because of the cold.

According to Susanta’s tweet, a man saw a dog curled up at the bus stop and seeing the helpless animal, he took off his sweater vest and lovingly put it on the animal.

Take a look:

“Those who have the least are always the ones that give the most…This man with a heart of gold saw a sweet lost pup all curled up at a bus stop. Immediately took off his vest and lovingly put it to help him stay warm (sic),” Susanta wrote while sharing the clip.

In the video, a helpless dog can be seen sitting at a bus stop, curled up in a ball because of the cold. A man arrives at the scene, removes his jacket and sweater vest. He then goes to the dog and starts petting it. He takes the vest and puts it on the animal and all this while, he never stops petting it.

The touching clip was loved immensely by netizens, who watched it more than 4.1k times. Few people also took to the comments section to express their views on the emotional clip.

See some of the comments:

Source: India Today

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