Karnataka Road Transport Corporation To Ban Pets on Buses
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Ban Pets On Buses

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation Plans To Ban Pets On Buses

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is planning to ban entry of pet dogs in premium buses. According to KSRTC, they don’t want pet owners to bring their dogs along with them while traveling in their buses. This move has come as quite a shock to pet owners and animal rights activists.

As per Priya Chetty-Rajagopal, the founder of the Cubbon Park Canines group and the CJ Memorial Trust said,

“It’s a constitutional right to have an animal as a companion. From that point of view, I think it’s really unfortunate that KSRTC is planning to tweak rules to keep pets away.”

While it is understandable that not all the passengers on board a premium bus will be comfortable with dogs around, but the idea of banning is wrong. Instead, KSRTC should have proposed the idea of pet-friendly buses as a solution.

Pet-friendly buses

Surya Singh, founder, and president of Save Animals India, a care centre for dogs, said, “Instead of imposing a ban on pet dogs traveling in these air-conditioned buses, KSRTC should have a special bus only for pets to be transported, along with their owners or caretakers only. Let us not be cruel towards these innocent creatures by refraining them from traveling.

Illegal transport of dogs in buses by breeders

Another point of worry according to pet owners and activists,

“Currently, dogs are being transported in buses by breeders. That is something we really want to avoid. But if KSRTC stops allowing dogs on board, some corrupt driver or conductor will allow these puppies to be stored without air or water in the back along with the luggage. That is why KSRTC must take better precautions and stop the illegal breeding trade. These people don’t have a licence. Whoever comes with a dog should carry a licence or at least give a letter saying you want to carry your dog,” said Priya.

However, some bus travelers have agreed with the KSRTC’s proposed plan of banning pet dogs from the buses.

Akshay Bharadwaj, a commuter, said, “I’m okay with this because it makes no sense to have a dog in a public bus and there are going to be other people on board who might not like it. Instead of taking a pet on a bus, just book a cab or take an auto.”

Do you agree with KSRTC’s proposed plan of banning dogs from premium buses in Bengaluru? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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