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Sunday , September 19 2021
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How To Take Care of Pet Dogs During Rainy Season

How To Take Care of Pet Dogs During Rainy Season

A spell of rain after the scorching heat of the summer is a relief. While you may want to enjoy the rains with your furry mate, don’t forget to take extra care of your dog in the rainy season to ensure perfect health. Here are a few tips you should follow to keep your pet dog healthy in the rainy season:

1. Pododermatitis

Moist soil and air in the rainy season make dogs more prone to pododermatitis or inflammation of the paw. Walking your dog on the streets for a long time or directly over stagnant water loosen their paw skin and leads to skin inflammation. Avoid walking your dog on wet streets or parks, thoroughly clean and wipe their paws after the walk, or you can invest in some cute dog shoes. You can buy one from any Dog website in India; they have many different dog shoes available. If your pet has a long coat, make sure to trim its fur in between the paws to avoid the accumulation of water or germs. If possible, blow-dry the paws after washing them thoroughly with soap and water after each walk to keep your pet dog healthy.

2. Waterborne Diseases

Dirty stagnant water during the rainy season can pose an extreme threat of waterborne diseases for your pet. If your pet comes in contact with contaminated water, it may show symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and appetite loss. In case it shows any of the above symptoms, don’t feed it anything other than rice and curd. If the symptoms still persist after a few days, visit a vet for further treatment.

3. Ear Infections

Humidity in the weather also makes them susceptible to ear infections, which require intensive care. Don’t let your dog get wet in the rain, and clean its ears with an earbud every alternate day. If your pet doesn’t allow this method, you can consult an experienced vet and use ear-cleaning drops to keep its ears healthy. It is recommended to carry out this regimen delicately; if you have a professional dog grooming center nearby, it is best to hire personnel.

4. Tick Infections

Monsoon is the most preferred breeding season for ticks and fleas. Clean your pet’s fur and brush it at least twice each day during the monsoons to prevent ticks. If your pet is already infected with ticks, avoid medicating it yourself, consult a vet. You will have to wash the coat with anti-tick shampoo, rub anti-tick ointment, and even remove and kill ticks manually.

5. Keep Away from Lizards

The monsoons arrive with increasing trouble by lizards, spiders, and reptiles. All dog breeds have an instinct to chase insects and smaller running objects. In case it ingests any insect or lizard, induce vomiting by feeding it vinegar or putting salt in the back of the tongue to remove the poison.

All dog breeds are more prone to waterborne diseases, paw infections, and ear infections in the rainy season, which should be prevented with care. Pet shops and dog websites in India may recommend medications helpful in the rainy season. Do not commit to any medication for such diseases without consulting the vet.

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