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Wednesday , March 22 2023
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Pomeranian puppy

How To Take Care Of A Pomeranian Puppy?

Pomeranians are known as the world’s most popular toy breed. They are extremely cute little dogs with big personalities. They are a friendly yet docile and affectionate breed that loves to play and make good watchdogs.

Pomeranians in general are a very healthy and hearty breed. However, Poms require a lot of care so that they can live a long and healthy life. Here are a few tips that can help you take care of your Pomeranian puppy at home.

Guide your puppy on how to drink liquids

When you get a new puppy, the first important thing that you need to do is to guide your puppy on how to drink liquid food items like milk, water.  You can help your puppy by giving them milk through a milk bottle.

As it grows a bit, you can start by pouring the milk and water into a bowl. After 3-4 few weeks, start with solid food mixed with milk or water, but give it in small portions so that they can easily eat.

Shower them with love and care

price of a pomeranian dog

Everyone needs love and care whether it’s a human baby or an animal baby. Shower your Pomeranian puppy with lots of love and care.

They will instantly reciprocate. Initial bonding with your puppy is important; it makes them feel comfortable and recognizes you as their parents. This bonding will also come in handy when you begin to train your puppy for daily tasks.

Potty training

As these are toy breeds, they are accustomed to the human lifestyle but they need to be potty trained as soon as they begin to eat solid foods. The ideal time to start training your Pomeranian puppy is between 6 – 8 weeks.

You can start with designating a place where the puppy seems comfortable doing its business. Ideally, it should be your toilet. But initially, you can place training pads on the floor.

As they begin to grow up, around 12 weeks, you have to either confine the potty business to your toilet or take them outside.

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Common illnesses Pomeranian puppies suffer from

cost of a Pomeranian puppy

Pomeranians are quite a healthy breed, however, lifestyle changes and adapting to a family’s lifestyle can cause some health concerns in the puppy.

To keep your puppy healthy, you need to ensure proper eating habits, exercise, and care. Keep an eye out for these common illnesses that a puppy might get during the first few months of its life.

1. Parvovirus (Parvo): Puppies usually get CPV from their littermates. It starts as a fever and soon vomiting along with bloody diarrhea follows. CPV is contagious (not to humans), so make sure that your puppy gets its vaccination before they leave their litter.

If your puppy suffers from this disease, you need to take it to a vet immediately. Vets will start your puppy on IV fluids and antibiotics to prevent sepsis. A dog gets dehydrated while suffering from Parvo and it can be fatal as well.


2. Distemper: This is quite a troubling disease. It is an upper respiratory disease with constant sneezing or coughing and eye discharge.

This disease can turn into pneumonia or lead to neurological problems such as encephalopathy. This could be fatal as well. Make sure to get your puppy vaccinated as soon as possible.

In case, your puppy is suffering from this disease, seek immediate medical attention. This disease is contagious and can spread to your other pets as well. This usually involves inpatient supportive care.

There is no treatment for this disease; however, intravenous fluids and antibiotics are given to fight infections. Supportive care can help the dogs to get better.

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3. Kennel Cough:  This is quite a common illness and causes due to bacterial infection or canine parainfluenza. It is also known as Tracheobronchitis.

Pomeranian puppies or any puppy must be vaccinated against kennel cough around the age of 6-8 weeks. The vaccine needs to continue every six months after your puppy turns 1 year old.

Symptoms of this disease are lethargy, decreased appetite, and fever along with a deep cough. If untreated, kennel cough can lead to pneumonia. If your puppy is coughing for more than 2-3 days, take it to a vet immediately. Recovery time from this disease is around 10-14 days.

Grooming your Pomeranian puppy

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Lastly, you need to give extra attention to grooming your Pomeranian puppy. They have long, thick and dense coats, which require grooming at least 3 to 4 times a week. Begin grooming your Pomeranian puppy when they are 6 -7 weeks old.

You can home groom them by giving them occasional trimming every now and then. Bathing should be done before the age of 8 weeks. Just simply wipe down their body to clean it using a very soft washcloth with warm water.

Giving a bath to a puppy like this is imperative to socialize the puppy. They get used to human touch and handling. You can give regular baths to your puppy after they are over 8 weeks old.

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