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Friday , January 15 2021
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How To Save Your Dog’s Life With CPR

CPR is known as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. It is an emergency procedure that can save your dog’s life if they suddenly stop breathing or their heart suddenly stop beating. CPR is a combination of chest compression and artificial respiration. When a dog stop breathing, the oxygen level in the body falls down which can lead to liver, kidney failure or brain damage. The brain damage usually occurs within 3-4 minutes of respiratory failure, so it is vital to perform CPR in a crucial situation like this.

How to Perform CPR

1. Check breathing and pulse:

Check for pulse using your middle and index finger below the wrist or inner thigh or below the ankle or where left elbow touches the chest of the dog.

First point image

2. Keep an eye for these warning signs (due to lack of oxygen):

Gums and lips will appear grey

2nd point

Pupils will be dilated

Second point

3. If no pulse, start compression:

Lay your dog on the right and place hands over the ribs where their elbow touches the chest. Begin compression (do not start compression if your dog has a pulse, contact the vet immediately or rush them to a nearby vet).

3rd point

4. If your dog isn’t breathing then give mouth-to-mouth:

For Small Dogs: Place your mouth over their nose and mouth and blow air in.

Fouth point

For Medium and large size dogs: Place your mouth over the nose and blow air in.

4th point

5. Repeat procedure:

  • Check pulse after 1 minute and continue checking for every few minutes for consciousness or progress in the condition. (If you don’t see any change for 10 minutes then rush them to nearby vet or animal hospital)
  • Continue giving CPR until your dog has a pulse or start to breathe normally.
  • After 10 minutes if there is no change then stop doing it. (Contact your vet for further instructions or rush them to nearby medic)

Animal Size

Compress Chest

Compression per breath

Under 30 lbs. ½-1 inch 5
30-90 lbs.   1-3 inches  5
Over 90 lbs.   1-3 inches  10

Learn how to perform CPR by watching this video or you can contact your vet to teach you the steps to perform CPR perfectly!

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