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Thursday , March 23 2023
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How To Make Easy Homemade Dog Food Instantly

How To Make Homemade Dog Food Instantly?

People believe that their dogs and pups are better off with a complete human-grade dog food than the more conventional dog diet of processed kibble. Human-grade food for dogs is not only cost-effective and easy to prepare but a lot better than kibble.

Dog owners swear by an easy homemade doggie food recipe that adds wholesome brown rice, eggs, tender herbs, fresh vegetables, and lean ground sirloin for a yummy and healthy alternative to regular dog food. Try such homemade food for your full-grown dog to give him a new breath of life and vigor.

You can use common ingredients such as parsley, shredded carrot, ground beef, boiled egg, and brown rice to prepare your versions of homemade dog food. Today, the internet has several articles and videos on easy and nutritious home-cooked dog food that can help you make some super easy changes in your dog’s diet.

Please do your research, keeping in mind your dog’s specific needs and what is best suited for him. For example, a good diet will be the one that would be easy on his stomach and kidneys.

To ensure good dog health, you should be using only distilled or filtered water. The primary function of the kidney is to filter out harmful toxins from our bodies. Now tap water has a high chance of being loaded with all sorts of chemicals and contaminants.

So, it is the best option to give your dog only clean, filtered water for drinking. If you have a dog that suffers from kidney disease, you may choose to ultimately invest in a slow water feeder because dogs with kidney disease may get quite thirsty too often and start drinking water quite fast, which can cause other sets of problems.

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Dog food preparations

Vitamins and Nutrients are crucial

We all know that even we don’t get all the required vitamins and nutrients in their required amounts from just one particular form of diet. Hence, it is sensible to give just a single kind of dog food to your pet.

Whether your dog has a diet that comprises a kibble, or you are cooking up homemade dog food recipes now and then, one thing is constant your dog needs vitamins. Along with the homemade meals, you can search for dog food brands that provide plant-based vitamins and minerals in a convenient powder form.

All you have to do is sprinkle the powder over the food during each meal. As a dog parent, you will be happy to see your dog enjoy the food and get good nutrition at the same time.

Increase exercise 

Along with homemade dog food, you must ensure that your dog gets good exercise to stay in the best shape. You can adopt a cute pup who will be a good play partner for your dog, and always make sure that your pet is on its toes. Playtime would then become a fun time.

You can give snacks in between that can easily be made at home. Finally, taking the dog to work is equally important. Thus, the bodies of your pets will function a lot better, keeping all their organs healthy.

Many people wonder if a raw diet is beneficial for their dogs. There are several theories and thoughts on feeding your dog a purely raw diet, especially when the dog is living with kidney disease.

Your vet with probably be the best help in this case, but generally, a raw diet makes dogs susceptible to food poisoning. It can also give a pet an awful bellyache.

A rule to remember is not to mix raw food and cooked food, and they should be given at different times as they digest at varied rates. You would not want to cause chaos in your pup’s gut.

If you prefer homemade dishes, you need a big baking dish. Let’s have a look at the easy homemade dog food recipe. It consists of hard-boiled eggs, parsley, brown rice, carrots, lean ground sirloin, and a few tablespoons of oil such as olive oil which is high in omega fatty acids.

Of course, you can skip some of the ingredients if you want. It is also essential to note that dogs too can be allergic to several food items such as chicken, beef, dairy, and wheat.

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how to prepare the best dog food at home

Meat for your Pup

Ground chicken, ground pork, lean ground beef, and ground dark or white meat turkey are some of the amazing options. However, you have to ensure that the meat you feed your pets is free of seasonings when buying. Dogs diagnosed with kidney disease need special attention as their food requires lesser amounts of phosphorus.

Eggy Proteins and Grains

Eggs are good sources of proteins, but the yolks have a lot of phosphorus. So, you have to feed them with care. If your vet approves of hard-boiled eggs, then you can surely go ahead. A grain such as brown rice has all the fiber from the hull and can be digested easily.

Other essential grains such as quinoa, oats, and whole-grain pasta are other options that offer easy digestion. Gluten is one of the top five allergens for dogs, so you must be mindful of the quantities you use. Grains can form a good base for your easy homemade recipes.

Vegetables and Fresh Herbs in Dishes

Your dogs will surely love a combination of fresh fennel and shredded carrots. There are tons of other dog-friendly veggies too. You can use frozen veggie blends of peas, carrots, corn, and green beans that your dogs will love. You can bulk up the meals with cooked sweet potatoes, making their digestive systems work well.

Lots and lots of fresh and dried herbs such as cilantro, basil, thyme, and parsley are effective for dogs. The curly form of parsley is excellent for preventative kidney health.

Preparing food for your dogs is very simple. However, it is essential to research, plan, and consult with your vet before making any significant decision related to the improvement of the overall health of your dog.

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