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Wednesday , March 22 2023
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How To Adopt A Dog In India

How To Adopt A Dog In India?

Are you thinking about adopting a dog in India?

Before you go ahead with dog adoption, sit together as a family and discuss what everyone wants in the family.

Don’t forget, having a dog is a full-time responsibility!

It’s like bringing a new family member home. It’s both an exciting and frightening experience to have them part of your life.

Things to Consider Before You Adopt a Dog In India

There are a few things you need to ponder before initiating a dog adoption process in India.

What kind of dog do you want to adopt?

Before adopting, consider factors like size, age, grooming needs, health issues, and activity level.

Say you adopt a large dog, but you live in a small apartment. That’s not going to work!

Similarly, if you have a busy life, adopting puppies is a big no-no.

If you want to adopt a puppy, remember they need attention just like babies. If you have an active lifestyle, you need to adopt an active dog.

It would be best if you adopted a dog that suits your family, or else you’ll keep complaining about your dog tearing household things apart.

What dog breed to adopt?

There are dozens of foreign dog breeds in the market but instead of spending money on buying them, try adopting Indie breeds.

Nowadays, many people across India are adopting stray dogs. Indie breeds living on our streets are far more intelligent and quick learners than foreign breeds.

Additionally, they adjust exceptionally well to the Indian climate. They also make loyal companions and have lesser health and behavioral problems.

Indie breeds like Mudhol Hound, Bakharwal, and Kombai are even the popular choices of police and defense as they are strong and intelligent.

If you are looking for a guard dog at home, you can also go with Indie breeds like Chippiparai and Pandikona.

What preparation do you need at your home before adopting a dog?

Just like baby-proofing, you need to dog-proof your home before adopting a dog. Keep the medicines, trash cans, cleaning supplies, clothing, and shoes away from your dog’s reach. Bar or fence the areas that you don’t want your dog to enter. Take care of the toxic plants and loose electrical cords that can be hazardous for your dog.

From where to adopt a dog in India?

If you are looking for adopting an Indie breed in India, you need to Google local dog NGOs, shelters, and rescues in your vicinity. Most of them get the dogs fully vet-checked before they advance adoption. You can ask them to show details of their vaccinations, deworming, flea/tick control, and health certifications before adoption.

Can you afford a dog?

Like us, dogs have basic needs. When you think of adopting one, note that it will add to your monthly family expenses. You need to buy food, leash, toys, dog medicines, shampoo, eye & ear care items, feeding syringe, poop bags, etc. You also need to pay for a vet, routine health checkups, adoption fees, and dog licenses.

If you are up for it, then go ahead and adopt an Indie breed today.

Here are the Steps To Adopt A Dog In India

1. Locate Nearby Shelters and NGOs

Search on Google for local dog shelters, animal welfare organizations, and NGOs near you. But remember, when you adopt a dog, do it from registered shelters and animal welfare organizations as it helps in smooth dog registration.

Here are some NGOs/Shelters that can help you adopt dogs in India:

People For Animals

Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre

Blue Cross Of India


The Bombay Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (BSPCA)

The Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre (SGACC)

Visakha Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (VSPCA)

Posh Foundation


Animals Matter To Me

World For All

Red Paws Rescue


ResQ Charitable Trust

Debasree Roy Foundation


Dharamsala Animal Rescue

Goodwill Animal Shelter

Animal Peers

Bark India

Paws For Cause NCR

2. Visit the Shelter Yourself

Go to the shelter and look around for a dog. Get information from them about a veterinarian, pet insurance requirements, and paperwork about adoption. If you finalize a dog for adoption, make sure to ask about its medical history, training details, and vaccination certificates.

3. Connect with the Dogs at the Shelter

It takes time for a dog to get familiar with new people. So, visit the shelter a few times to emotionally connect with your chosen dog.

Don’t forget to inquire about the dog’s temperament and behavioral history!

4. Follow Through all the Adoption Requirement

Remember you need a vet to ‘sign-off’ on the adoption documents, so ask the shelter to give some references. Generally, adoption is free of charge, but some shelters might ask for some nominal adoption fees. It’s used mostly for the welfare and upkeep of the dogs.

But, don’t worry, it will cost you far less than buying a dog!

Another essential adoption requirement would be a house inspection. Some shelters might get all the information from the adoption forms, but some might also go with house inspections. It allows them to check if your home and your family are ready for the dog.

5. Little things Matter

Do your dog shopping before you bring it home. It’s just like preparing your home before the baby arrives. Gather all the essential items you need for a dog like food, dog bed, treats and chews, food and water bowls, cleaning supplies, medication, grooming supplies, etc. It will help you stay prepared when you have your pet buddy at home.

6. Follow the adoption Procedure

Each shelter home in India has a different adoption process. Most importantly, all you need to do is fill an application form, provide your identity documents, and address proof for adoption.

In some cases, you also have to pay the adoption fee. Don’t forget to collect all the medical and vaccination documents related to your dog before you leave the shelter.


It may take some time for the dog to adjust, so be patient about it. Make sure to get your dog checked with a vet after you bring it home. If you want to know more about dog adoption, reach out to us through the comment section below.

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