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Friday , December 9 2022
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How Do I Help My Dog Overcome Fear Of Other Dogs

How Do I Help My Dog Overcome Fear Of Other Dogs?

We know that dogs are social animals. Dogs love to stay in packs as their natural habit. But, then there are always some exceptions in every animal being. When a canine gets scared of other dogs, scariness becomes a common issue that hampers its social nature.

As a pet owner, you must be attentive to them and help them get rid of the dilemma. Understand their body language. If this remains unnoticed, it turns into a phobia for that dog. Because, at playtime in the park or while walking, they may get stressed and end in a brawl.

It is a situation that majorly affects dogs who are not socialized. Dogs are scared of other unknown dogs approaching them. Another reason is their previous experience regarding socialization that haunts them.

Even though dogs are generally compliant, still sometimes they get frightened when there is a tussle with a stronger dog. Hence, you need to understand your canine’s body language and symptoms. Help him to conquer the terror they already are undergoing.

It will be foremost in having a well-modified dog companion. When you go for a pup, be sure to know about his early socialization. Get answers to all your queries from the breeder. It includes information about their siblings as well.

When their vaccination is over, let them mix with other dogs in a secure and governed atmosphere. Possibly, three types of reasons that are majorly visible in dogs are:

  1. Bad memories experienced in the past
  2. Acquiescence
  3. Less amount or chance for socialization

The reason behind this situation

You may feel frustrated to see your dog scared of other canines. A scared dog faces several obstacles. These obstacles hamper their daily habits or routines like going for a walk with you, playing in dog parks, and dog competition events.

These dogs lack qualities such as discipline and dexterity. Identifying the original cause and trigger behind your dog’s scariness is the key to helping them overcome this terror.

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Bad memories experienced in past

Your dog develops this scarcity of other dogs most of the time from previous bad experiences. Incidents that occurred in the past do impact the behavior of dogs.

If your dog has been a victim of an attack by other dogs, such instances will make him traumatized about an unknown dog approaching him. If your pet is not aware of the nature of the approaching dog towards him due to past bad conditions arising out of any untoward situation, it makes your pet feel scared.

You are the person who can give the support and courage the dog requires. It is the responsibility of every pet owner to boost the courage of the scared pet. Help the animal turn this negative thought into a positive one.


Every dog is different from another. For example, one is soft while, on the other hand, another is malleable due to picking in times of litter, especially those submissive in time of litter will become less dominant.

Scared pups feel insecure in the presence of other canines. Though you can turn a less dominant into an aggressive one. In the end, you will see the canines are less dominant to those comparatively stronger than them.

Less amount of chance for socializationLess amount or chance for socialization

The lack of socialization makes a dog insecure and scared in the presence of other dogs or animals. The socialization process for dogs starts at the earlier period of their life when he remains with their mother and siblings.

Even after the removal from their mother, they have ample chance of socialization through their siblings. Separation from their sibling at an early stage makes them less enthusiastic in socialization.

It makes them less confident about mixing with other dogs. Hence, the dog feels insecure from an approaching unknown dog towards them.

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Symptoms of dogs being afraidMy Dog Is Afraid


In presence of other dogs, a frightened dog will start shaking. Even though you see them busy playing, you will observe an attentiveness and shaking in the scared dog.


If your dog starts moaning without any reason or issues seeing another dog while in a face-to-face situation, it is a signal of a scare towards other dogs. You can hear the dog barking at them.


This is the symbol of fear towards another dogs’ presence. Dogs often pee when scared. It happens when they are highly excited. Thus, it is time to train them not to pee.


If your dog continuously hides behind you due to the other dog, it is a sign of scariness.


If they are assertive to other dogs, this happens due to fear.

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Take them to the dog park, where he meets the unknown dogs. It helps to accustom them to the situation and teach them not to react and feel unsecured in the presence of an unknown one. Keep a watch so that your pet is not over-stressed.

Don’t turn into a mess. Observe how your dog communicates with other dogs. Desensitization is a way to solve this. Desensitization ensures that your dog is safe even if he gets bitten. Select a more behaved dog to mix with your dog.

It will give him confidence and gradually encourage him to mix with a more assertive one at ease. Conditioning through the counter is another way.

The process of engaging your dog in planning with you ensures that he is busy or has no time to concentrate on the presence of other dogs. It helps to accustom him to Dog Park. He becomes more socialized and relaxed gradually.

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