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Guide on how to keep your dog cool during soaring temperature

Guide on how to keep your dog cool during soaring temperature

Summer comes with a lot of excitement and a holiday mood to relax and enjoy. However, soaring temperatures can turn dreadful for your four-legged friends. Therefore, it is important to take serious measures to keep the dog calm and healthy during the plummeting summertime.

Here is a complete guide on – How I can make my dog feel comfortable in summer? 

Keep water bowls:

Ensure that you place extra water bowls and refill the bowls at regular intervals for your pets. Just like humans drink more liquids during high-temperature conditions, even dogs need them to keep themselves hydrated in soaring temperatures. You can always add a few extra bowls with water around the house and backyard and carry a bottle during a dog walk.

Add fans and coolers:

With more than 35C during summers, it’s practically impossible to live without fans. You can order specially designed crate fans that are small and target limited spaces. These fans and coolers are just perfect for your dog’s resting space. You can also get clip-on, battery-operated fans that come in handy during car travel.

Cooling wraps:

Get cooling towels, wraps, and ice packs for your pup. Using a cooling mat makes a huge difference for your pets during their sleep hours. Several pet stores also sell ice pack neck collars and vests that are perfect during hot weather months. These are in the shape of wearable jackets or collars that are very soothing during the summers.

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Frozen treats:

Nobody enjoys hot food during summer, and everybody seeks ice-creams and ice lollies. Your dog will also relish cool treats like a block of ice or a small bowl of ice cream with no additional syrups or flavors. It is a very cooling and hydrating option for pets.

keep your dog cool

Boots for walking:

A pair of best-quality walking boots come in handy during the summer months. Hence, you must purchase great comfortable booties for your dog this summer. Paws are one of the most sensitive parts of any dog, and they require proper protection from harsh weather conditions. You can get small shoes that are more than summer protection for your pups.

Shade – shade, and shade:

Yes! One of the direct and effective protective gears that you can add to your dog’s living space is shade. You can move the sleeping bed of your dog to a much cooler space with some proper shade to eliminate the direct sunlight. You can also cover the backyard with temporary fabric shades or a gazebo to enjoy scorching afternoons in some shade.

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Hair trim:

Your dog requires an apt summer cut if they are one of the hairy breeds. Grooming before summer breaks is a very crucial requirement. You can remove the first layer of the coat because many breeds, like huskies and retrievers, have a double coat. The thick hair traps the heat and makes it difficult to even breathe during soaring temperatures.

keep your dog cool during soaring temperature

Warning Signs You Should Watch Out For

Never leave your dogs and puppies in the car. This is not a new thing to inform the dog owners as they are already aware of not leaving a pet in the hot car. Temperature tends to rise to a dangerous level in just a few minutes, which puts your dog at risk of heatstroke.

If you think opening the window a little bit can help, then you are wrong. The simple answer is NEVER to leave your pet alone in the car.

In case you notice your dog panting, with increased heart rate, drooling than normal and pale gums, immediately resort to cooling measures or rush for emergency medical help to seek proper medical intervention.

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